One Thousand Posts

Who knew I had so much to say?!! I am kind of surprised I reached such a milestone already, in just over two years of blogging. But then again, some days I am quite prolific.

It’s been quite a journey. When I started this blog it was just a place for me to share my thoughts, and I did not really expect anyone to read it on a regular basis. I wanted a forum to post some of my writings in order to prepare for a career as a writer. Family and friends read it occasionally but it took a while until others started to read it. Twitter has helped me publicize my blog, Facebook helped as well.

Over the years I have become a mouthy wench, opinionated and not afraid to talk about anything. This blog is my forum for exploring everything that comes to my mind. I love the fact that I can take my readers with me on my journey for the truth in various different spheres.

It does blow my mind that I can write a short post, and generate discussions that bring people together from all walks of life, that a simple question can bring over 50 comments. That when I post about being a mom – that others identify with my frustrations and make me feel less alone. I love that I can post something sweet about my KoD and you guys collectively go “aww” (or maybe you say “aww” and then go throw up ;) ).

When I was doing the dating thing, blogging about my experiences helped me so much, and now it is helping others. My Frumster Files has been the most successful blog series to date. It’s a little forlorn these days, so if you have some dating stories for this series, send them along – let’s inject some life into the Frumster Files. I have been told that people love the WWYD series too, as well as the Heinous or Harmless posts. If you have any ideas or submissions, please, send them along too.

I love the support you have given me and the KoD, from our engagement, through to our marriage and through our prolonged separation and immigration issues. I love that people meet my husband in real life and say to him “so YOU are the KoD!”

I have met people through my blog, readers and commenters, who have actually become IRL friends. I am sure they would agree with me in saying that I am not a different person here on the blog. I like to think I am very WYSIWYG – I don’t have the time nor the energy to have two different personas.

Initially I wanted to blog under my own name, so that I would have name recognition when it comes to publishing pieces of work for money. Sometimes I regret that decision because there are some subjects that you cannot post about if you are not anonymous. Like if I have a disagreement with the KoD, or if I want to vent about my ex or something ridiculous that happened at school. I am very careful not to cross the line in certain subjects. Some bloggers will describe every single facet of their life, and leave nothing to the imagination. I cannot do that. The people who form my life are entitled to their privacy and respect. When something happens to those around me that I want to blog about, I always ask their permission. People directly involved in my life do not have to worry that they will read about themselves on my blog.

I am proud of the fact that, while there have been many major discussions in the comments, for the most part everyone has been respectful in how they talk to me and other commenters. This is not a place to insult people or make fun of who they are. I am always looking to learn and grow, and I have learnt so much from the discussions here. I am proud that controversial topics have not turned into a major free for all, and that when I have interjected to object to the tone of some comments, attention was paid.

If there are any subjects you want me to cover, drop me a line – all my contact deets are on the contact me page. I read all the emails and always respond.

So, let’s raise a glass to the next thousand posts! Hopefully there will be one in there that celebrates our permanent arrival in NY and maybe even a manuscript accepted for publication!! Thank you all for helping me keep this blog going, and thanks to the KoD who helped me kick new life into In The Pink. L’chaim!!

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    L’chaim! Here’s to another 1000 blogs :)!

  2. Otir says:

    You surely are prolific! I am a pretty recent subscriber to your blog, and I love reading it, even if sometimes I grumble that because you are so interesting, I am actually distracted from my own writing and work!!

    I’d love to become closer to you, because I like your personality, and enjoy very much how you share, and how you write.

    I still “owe” you a “My Judaism” contribution as I had promised it. It’s on my ever growing to-do list.

    In the meantime, I wish you all the best very sincerely, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blog! I am glad to read that it brought you much back in exchange of all that you give us to read and think about.

  3. G6 says:

    Mazel Tov on this auspicious milestone.
    Keep on talkin’!!

  4. Mazal Tov. Hazak u’varuch. Hizki v’imtzi.

    You’ve provided another place for some folks to come together to learn, support, and befriend; all in a very civil way. That is of great value these days.

  5. mazels to you! that *is* a big (huge? gigantic?) milestone and one to be proud of, for sure! i’m very happy to have come across your blog and how fun to get a brief run-down of the 1st thousand here!

  6. tikunolam says:

    Awesome! Glad to have been around for the recent few hundred :)

  7. Rishona says:

    Yasher koach Hadassah! I love your blog; it is one of the few that I read regularly! :-)

  8. Z! says:

    Mazel Tov Sweetie! I hope to keep reading for another 10,000 posts! I enjoy your work very much.

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