Oh Vanity of Vanities!

Sigh. A few days ago I posted a pic of myself on Facebook, asking for help in removing the bags and dark circles under my eyes. I look perpetually tired and am fed up of having to use concealer every single day.

A few friends suggested different products, and I had seen a commercial for one of them, happened to see the same product at Costco the next day so I picked it up. It’s the Olay Regenerist Eye Roller.

I know these products have to be used on a daily basis for a while until any improvement is noted, so I eagerly applied this product Monday night, and again Tuesday night, and on Wednesday before the start of the Jewish Holiday. By Thursday night the area in which I had applied it was red and puffy, and by Friday morning the bags under my eyes were red and swollen and tremendously puffy. I couldn’t get my lenses in. KoD (bless him) tried to reassure me that it didn’t look that bad, but the kids took one look at me and said I looked absolutely awful, one of them even used the word “scary”.

I tried putting slices of cucumbers on my eyes to reduce the swelling. Didn’t work – but it made the boys giggle. I took an anti-histamine yesterday and today (it’s now Saturday night) without seeing any improvement in the swelling. If it is still this bad tomorrow morning I will go visit the doctor to see if there is something stronger he can give me. I feel like I have a burn under each eye.

That will teach me to mess with Mother Nature. I guess I should just embrace the bags and dark circles. After all it is genetic.

Monday morning I will be calling the Olay helpline to see what they have to say. I will definitely be asking Costco to give me back my money. Meanwhile I cannot get my lenses in, nor can I wear make up. I didn’t even want to leave the house because I look so frightful.

I wonder what is in the product that it caused me this reaction. My son said I should sue the company – but I think you can only do that if there is lasting damage, and I am hoping for this not to be the case.

So if you saw me in shul over the last couple of days, and wondered why I looked like I had been crying for years on end, now you know.

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    Ouch! Feel better Hadassah.

  2. Oh, dear! I do hope this reaction subsides sooner, rather than later. That’s disturbing. Try upping your vitamin C intake and stay well hydrated. Dark circles can be slight leaking of the capillaries under the translucent skin beneath your eyes. When someone mentions “bags” under their eyes, the first thing I think of is allergies (which you now, clearly, are experiencing anyway – so it’d be hard to say, wouldn’t it?) Adding vitamin C and more water to your antihistamine regimen can’t hurt, though, can it? Good luck!

  3. I certainly don’t think you can sue the company, but maybe you ought to see an allergist to figure out what product you need to avoid in the future!

  4. T says:

    ya knowwww!!…..you make it quite difficult to feel sorry for you when reading what you write is making me crack up so much!!!!
    I do hope you have recovered.

  5. fille says:

    Uff! Life is soooo much easier when you are not into looks…

  6. Chanief says:

    Eek! Ack! I use the roller alllll the time and it doesn’t do that to me! I hope it heals up quickly!

  7. Rabbiswife says:

    I used to work for a guy who did TV work and he SWORE by the Clarins products to reduce puffiness and get rid of under-eye circles. It costs like $80 per bottle, but it really worked on him, as I saw both before and after. He only used it on days he was shooting film, but the people at the counter told him that if he used it more, he would need it less.

  8. Z! says:

    I always heard that Preperation H was good for the puffy redness.
    Why is it these things always end up happening to you?! what are you- that “20th percentile”?!

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