Oh to be 8 years old!

I was sitting with the ChatterBox yesterday after school. He always has English homework, Chumash / Mishnah homework and Maths.

He slogged his way through the spelling words, the Hebrew stuff he put aside for later, after dinner, and he very carefully filled in a page of addition and subtraction for his Maths homework. When he was on the last sum of the page he said:

Ima, once I have finished this Math homework, I will have no more problems.

I wish that life were that easy.

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  1. Rafi says:

    That’s why the definition of a teacher is: “A person who helps you solve problems you would not have without him”

  2. Mike S. says:

    Now that Prince ChatterBox is in school in the US his homework is in “Math”, not “Maths”. Somehow we still call his other class “English” instead of “American” even though he will learn to spell honor with no ‘u’.

  3. Brenda Mommy says:


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