Oh the travails of mommyhood / wifehood….

How many of you take butter out of the fridge to soften before you make a sandwich or toast? Do you find that it gets put back in the fridge every time you leave the kitchen by some well meaning member of your family?

Do you find that when you ask the kids if they want something to eat and they say no, that when you cook/prepare something for yourself of course they want it?

That the kids can leave you alone to fold laundry, cook, clean, do stuff for hours, but the minute you are on the phone they need you desperately?

Do you find that you ask them if there is anything special they need from the grocery or Walmart and there never is until you have come back and they say “I just remembered I need x,y and z”?

When you ask them if there is something that needs to be washed or drycleaned there never is, until the second before they want to wear it again?

Do you have others?

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  1. KoD says:

    QoH: “..the travails of… wifehood”

    What did I do? :-)

  2. Chanief says:

    Well the butter thing doesn’t happen in this house because it seems I am the only one who knows how to put it away!

    I have to say the phone thing really drives me crazy. I’ll go in another room and get on the phone and they can smell it like a dog smells fear.

    How about the fact that when they misplace anything they think I’m going to magically know where it is. That one applies to the kids and the husband.

    The kids don’t go near the garbage can (as evidenced by them not throwing anything out) until I throw out an ancient piece of artwork or a broken toy. They can smell that too. They immediately discover it there and can’t believe I disposed of something that is so precious to them! They proceed to rescue the “precious” item and it sits, abandoned, in their room until I gather up the courage to try throwing it out again.

  3. YC says:

    Great post, but when they forget their HW/a report/lunch/glasses at home, do you run to school to rescue them?

    If we let them learn about consequences now will this prevent their 100K credit card debt as adults?

    • hadassahsabo says:

      YC – I refuse to be what one rebbe in the school dubbed a “helicopter mom”. if they forget their stuff they have to come home and get it or do without. i will not fly in and save the day.

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Enjoy these years, the kids grow up so fast and then you actually miss these little inconveniences (and don’t write “snort”).

  5. Giti says:

    haha my son Avi, Ill ask him if he wants to eat something for dinner, ( while hes playing his DS of course!) and hell say yes sure mom, I will make it and then he will say I didnt tell you to make me that, so I then have to make something else, does that ever happen to you?

  6. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Haha, Hadassah, I think I have met my match! But snort=snortle Before you know it you will be blogging about empty nest syndrome!

  7. Mark says:

    One of our 4YOs can hear any door movement from anywhere in the house. Then rushes to it to see if his Imma is going anywhere without him. Of course, call him to clean up his toys or put his shoes away and he doesn’t hear you at all, even from 3 feet away :-)

  8. G6 says:

    I feel such kinship with you right now… sigh….

  9. Z! says:

    My fave is when I misplace something it’s such a loss and too bad on you; find it yourself. “I have no idea where you could’ve put it, dear?!” and if he does- “Come help me find it!!!”

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