Oh the Spam I get!

My blog email address is public so that people can contact me. Sometimes that means that I get interesting emails.

Today’s offering:

Are you married, but not dead? Interested in discreet married dating? Welcome to {website that I refuse to name}- premiere dating website for married and singles. Join free – thousands of members around the world are waiting for you.

Sigh. If you are married but not interested in cheating, does that really make you “dead”?

What is this world coming to? I much prefer the emails telling me I won a gazillion amount of money, but first I have to marry a Nigerian prince….

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    I guess in today’s topsy-turvy world, being married & monogamous is a bad thing ;)!!!

  2. Gross. What a sorry state of affairs.

    • batya from NJ says:

      Rivki, interesting choice of words “state of affairs” ;)! but yet i agree, it’s most definitely very unfortunate especially when it happens in the Orthodox community as well…

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