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I call my kids many names, most of them some form of sweetie, darling etc. I can never remember their names at a time that I need to. I have been heard calling them something that sounds like DOLLY except I would never call my very male children something so obviously female. What I am calling them is a cross between dolly and darling and it comes out sounding like “dolling”. Which I think is perfectly acceptable to be calling them.

Why is it that when I am telling them off and I need to use their name for emphasis the right name escapes me? I have to cycle through a bunch of names until I get to the right one, and by then the kid is in fits on the floor coz senile mommy cannot even get it together to yell at the right kid…

I need more coffee. Let me just go yank another kid out of bed…

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  1. I call Evan “muffin” – probably not the best but what the heck. I also gave him 3 names so I call him any of the combination or Mr. P when I want his attention :) Sometimes I just call him “Anthony Evan Joseph George Patrick Michael Trever” and hit every male name in the family :)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      my second son reminds me so much of my twin brother, apparently I add my brother’s name into the mix too. sigh. these kids, they addle our brains.

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