Not Tzanua

Apparently, tweeting / facebooking about my hair is not tzanua. Not only am I not allowed to show it to the world, talking about is also verboten!!

Last week I decided to do something about the silver streaks that seem to have cropped up almost overnight, and I tweeted about going to get it dyed. As usual, such a statement generated some discussion – some people feeling that seeing as I cover I shouldn’t worry about it. I like my hair to look nice at all times, and the silver was bothering me. So what if no one other than me and the KoD see it – I need to do this for MYSELF.

Later that day I received an email saying how I was being disrespectful to the KoD by talking about my hair. I suppose if I ever decided to no longer cover, that would be disrespectful to him to, because, apparently one lives one’s life for other people. No self-respect allowed. The hair on my head does not belong to me, but to the KoD. Who knew?!

Technically, according to some, even if I had tweeted a picture of my freshly dyed locks (I didn’t) it would not be ervah because it’s a picture, and not the real thing. But can you imagine the emails I would have received then?

I wish these haters would clean up their own lives and religious practices before they start whaling on others. I don’t think it’s acceptable from any standpoint – religious or secular – to send nasty emails to people, whether you know them or not!!

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  1. Nechama Leibowitz says:

    So what I want to know is if you actually wrote back to that person and what you said :)

  2. Nobody is forced to read your blog or your fb statuses or your tweets. If they don’t like what you have to say, they should unsubscribe, unfriend you & stop following you on twitter.

  3. Kelli Brown says:

    On the upside: Perhaps this means KoD is now required to care for said hair. Send him to the salon next time.
    It’s a damn shame I can’t do the same thing about my eyebrows.

  4. Leah Sarah says:

    Good thing my husband doesn’t see it as disrespect that I don’t cover my hair. (He was actually thrilled when I stopped…)

    People get a little crazy over nothing. Besides, it’s hair — you weren’t talking about seriously intimate details or uh, body parts… Which would just be totally TMI!

  5. Michael Makovi says:

    What, you don’t live your life solely for the sake of your husband? Well, HaDassah, you obviously didn’t go to a good school, and I’ll tell all the young women out there not to marry your sons!

  6. Lori Laird says:

    ach. with success always comes the haters. you will never please everyone all the time. your female readers love you ~~ thats what counts. when you put yourself forward as an observant jewish woman with a sense of humor and an opinion, you are doing a service to klal yisroel by attracting more of the same and hopefully influencing them for the good. as opposed to goyish values. i say those who try hold you back are sad and pathetic and should have our sympathy.

  7. wow. that’s nuts. you were only speaking about your hair and although it may be ervah it is just hair. i agree with those who say that if someone doesnt like it they should not read your tweets or your blog. good greif. i thought that all of those types were off the internet anyway after the asifah

  8. Risa Tzohar says:

    Oy, sigh, doesn’t that person have anything else to do?

  9. rachelli says:

    those pple are nuts. nothing wrong with writting about your hair. hope the color came out nice.

  10. IS says:

    Haredi porn. Nothing to see here, move on.

  11. sheldan says:

    Sadly, this may be the way this world is coming to…not content with trying to hold on to an elevated level of observance for themselves, some people are trying to force their chumrot (strictures) on the rest of us. In my opinion, if you want to observe a stricter level, I can respect that, but you have no right to force me to (as long as we both are on the correct side of the halacha, and even so you should respect me as a fellow Jew). Apparently it’s not enough to agree to disagree…

    Can you tell that this is one of my main irritations with the Jewish world these days?

    Seriously, if Hadassah wants to blog about anything she wants, I trust her not to do anything that would violate her observance. I say ignore the “haters” and keep up the good work.

  12. N Stalick says:

    Glad your not taking any notice of these stupid people!! Glad you take pride and care of yourself – like you should – for yourself!!! xxx

  13. Justine says:

    Didn’t you know, using the internet to start with is not tzanua!!

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