No Texting Pledge

I spend some time in the car every day. With kids and a household and living out in the boonies, well, driving is a necessity. However, texting / emailing while driving is not a necessity yet so many of us do it. And contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t just the teenagers.

My car is hooked up with Bluetooth so that I can talk on the phone hands free. My hands should be on the wheel and nowhere else. It’s so tempting to check email at the stop sign, send a quick tweet at a red light – but these are not the safest of behaviours.

So I am pledging that I will not text / email / tweet / look at my phone while the car is in Drive. Once it’s parked and I am safe, then I can check. After all, nothing serious will happen if an email sits in my inbox unread for 15 minutes, right? So who is with me?

Who will pledge to not touch their phone while driving? Let’s keep ourselves safe, and our roads safer.

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  1. I need to take this pledge. Thanks for writing this. I’m guilty of this dangerous behavior way too often.

  2. Ilana-Davita says:

    Count me in. I think it was Rabbi Telushkin who wrote that a Jew needs to be aware of the way he is driving.

  3. lady lock and load says:

    I think that’s a very good idea Hadassah. Especially when you have kids in the car and we want to be good role models. Our lives are more important than our texts.

  4. Nearly 600 high school students from the Reform Movement’s North American youth group, NFTY, signed the “No Phone Zone” pledge after a presentation at their biennial convention from a young woman whose parents were killed in a car crash caused by a distracted driver who was texting while driving. The pledge is at, a story on the students’ pledge, in part, was published in the Texas Jewish Post (, & a blog post on the impact the presentation made on a Reform Movement staffer who regularly talked on the phone & texted while driving is here, if you’re interested:

  5. I have so many friends and family who are so addicted, they do many of the behaviors you listed above despite friends and family begging them to do otherwise. Even at a red light, a driver should be vigilant but I see drivers daily here in LA on their phones, texting, putting on makeup, etc. All against the law.

  6. Rabbiswife says:

    we don’t have car, but if we did, I’d be with you. how about not texting while pushing a stroller? Oh wait, my phone was stolen in the shuk today, so no texting at all! LOL!
    At any rate, I applaud your decision and will try to encourage others to do the same.

  7. proudmommy says:

    Sign me up! AT&T has a 10 minute video about teens who were killed texting and driving – so sad:

  8. Bracha says:

    Even when you’re talking on a bluetooth, with both hands on the wheel, you are concentrating less on your driving. I think it’s a good idea to limit phone conversations in the car to very short ones that can’t wait for later.

  9. IMA2FOUR7 says:

    Thank you for your post. It was a great pre Chag wake up call.
    It is so important and I am guilty of this careless behavior far too often. I pledge not to check email, text or talk while holding my phone while driving even if I am waiting at a red light.
    Thank you for calling my attention to this!

  10. shorty says:

    here its law – if you get caught even holding a cell phone, its a hefty fine.

  11. G6 says:

    Great pledge.
    So important!!

  12. fille says:

    Did you know that speaking on the phone per se causes a distraction, even if you use the free hands device?

  13. Justine says:

    I joined Oprah on this one a few years ago and I try not to even touch my phone while driving. It’s not always easy!! We humans are so flawed :)

    I do, however, wonder whether we should even be talking on the phone while driving, even if it is hooked up to bluetooth etc. Surely this is also distracting? (I see a post above which makes a similar suggestion!)

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