Nice Try, Kiddo!

What is it with boys and their hygiene habits, or lack thereof? I was sorting laundry, as I do a few times a week, and it came to my attention that one of the young men currently residing under my roof had a distinct lack of underwear waiting to be washed.

I challenged him on this. “Uh…yeah….I was too lazy to get fresh ones out of the closet after my shower. So I wore the same pair.” ::face palm:: (However, he does get points for showering!)

Then, (oh my goodness this child drives me insane), then he says, “besides, Ima, I wanted to help you by cutting down on the amount of laundry you have to do!!”

They do eventually grow up, right?

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    But he admitted it! I am impressed.

  2. That’s hysterical. What an answer – just trying to help you out! ha!

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