Never Shop When Rushed

The KoD and I had errands to run yesterday and as we got closer to our first place of business I glanced through my wallet to realize that I couldn’t find my credit card. I panicked. OMGosh what did I do with it?

I am organized. Very organized. It is extremely unlike me not to put my card back in my wallet after having used it. I methodically went through my handbag (purse or pocket book as some call it) and didn’t find it.

Where did I last use it? (I already had visions of cancelling the card but finding out that there had been thousands of dollars charged on it and the company refusing to reimburse…)

Then I remembered. I had run out to ShopRite on Friday – I had dropped the boys off at the library, ran to the store, and run back to get them, while rushing to get everything ready so we could light Chanukah candles in plenty of time before Shabbat. My head was in fifty five different places when I paid for my groceries, and I could not remember where I put my card.

I had been wearing a hoodie that day – perhaps, I told the KoD, just perhaps I put the card in the pocket. Then I started thinking – did I put the hoodie in the wash? Could my card have fallen out while I was putting the groceries in the car? And then the whole overthinking process started again.

We got home, I ran upstairs to my wardrobe, checked the pockets of my favourite pink hoodie, and there it was. My credit card. Unused. Alone. SAFE!! What a relief!

You can bet I will definitely be hyper-vigilant now every time I use my card! Even when I am rushing…

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  1. Estee Lavitt says:

    This has happened to me so many times and I too learned this lessson! I ALWAYS put my cc back immediately and my monthly train ticket goes right back in the same place. Having a wristlet wallet helps too because I can take it with me while on the run and still put my cc back in its proper place.

  2. tesyaa says:

    Credit card companies can only bill you a max of $50 for fraudulent charges, so you could have relaxed just a bit. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have been the exact same way; but also having had a card number stolen and thousands of dollars charged on it, and not having to pay a penny, is very reassuring. (The card was safe and sound in my wallet; I never did find out how the number was stolen).

    Also, if you ever charge a few major expenses like a vacation or an appliance, and the card company calls you to confirm that you really made the charges, be grateful!

  3. When my boyfriend was visiting last month, he “lost” his card TWICE! Once he left it at the restaurant where we had lunch, & once I closed his bar tab for him & had it in my wallet. What a trip!

  4. Eli says:

    I have a bad habit of putting mine in my pocket. I went through Sonic one day and got an iced tea. Didn’t have the ATM card to pay because, well, who carries cash right? I told them I’d be back (for my $1.17 iced tea…it WAS happy hour after all) and I am sure they snickered. But I did go home, found it in my skirt pocket and I did come back :) Unfortunately, yesterday, I couldn’t find my Costco card…why? I had left my wallet at home!

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