My Son is Making Aliyah

My Son is Making Aliyah

If you have been around my facebook page or twitter you’ll know by now that Aryeh, my oldest, has made it known that he is making Aliyah in August 2013. He spent some time on Sunday at the UJA Federation building in NY speaking to all the representatives who are involved with Aliyah and army and Israel. This awesome pic was taken by photographer Shahar Azran for Nefesh b’Nefesh. My son is the one holding up the sign.

Aryeh has started to write his own blog – and he writes well. Follow him at Aryeh Comes Home.

I also blogged on Aryeh’s Aliyah for the Times of Israel. My article: Letting go – a mother’s story.

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  1. Deb Zaluda says:

    Hadassah – kol hakavod to you and your son……I’ve seen a couple of your pieces in TOI – the most important thing that we as parents can do is to support them in the journey.. my daughter also made aliyah upon graduating high school – with NO family in Israel at all. She did NOT go through garin tzabar – she went on her own and did it her own way. She is now in the army, and her boyfriend and best friend are on the front with gaza – we worry, but know she is where her soul belongs.

    She also has a blog – and you can see it at
    outlines her journey from the time of her preparation, to her pre-army mechina, to enlistment, to now officers course. Its exciting, and for us she is so far, but she could not have dont it without our support. I am sad for those who go without the full support of our kids. We raised them to do this – when they decide to go are we supposed to say “we were just kidding”?!
    Best of luck to Aryeh on his journey

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