Movies on Tisha B’Av

Many people have the custom to watch Holocaust movies, or sad Jewish themed movies, throughout the day on Tisha B’Av. It is truly a sad day – we are mourning the destruction of our  two Batei Mikdash, and so many other horrors that happened to our people. (Read More here:

So, which movies do YOU  watch over this long fast day? Escape from Sobibor and Schindlers List are well played here – every year the kids understand more and more. (Obviously the younger ones don’t watch some of the movies.) Last year I was introduced to the Boy in Striped Pajamas – still haunts me. What’s on your playlist?

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  1. Operation Thunderbolt and Diary of Anne Frank were staples when I was growing up

  2. bracha says:

    Home Game – about the last days of Gush Katif. You can watch it online here:

  3. woodrow says:

    Watched 3 hrs of Shoah today in shul

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