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There are many bigger issues in the world to rant about. I know. But I am ticked off. I spent hours and many dollars before school started making sure that every child in this house had all the supplies they needed and that were specified on the list provided by the (3) schools. I spent even more time labeling and packing up their schoolbags. On the first day I breathed a sigh of relief.

My third grader came home last week, erev Rosh Hashannah, with a list of more stuff that he needed. I already sent 48 pencils but apparently there is a need to separate the Jewish studies pencils from the secular studies pencils, so I have to send 48 more. There was no way I was running out to the store right before the holiday to buy all this extra stuff, so I went today. There was a note on the list – the child must have all the supplies by tomorrow. I went to Walmart – it had been picked clean. We shlepped across town to Target where we found absolutely nothing in the way of school supplies. (But we did bump into Chaviva and Evan!!)

The kid was getting cranky, and who can blame him? He wanted to come home and take it easy. I told him we would try Rite Aid as a last ditch attempt, then go home. I assured him he would not be the only boy in his class without the extra list stuff. Luckily Rite Aid had most of what we needed – I should have started there first. There will still be a couple more things that I will run to Staples for while they are at school tomorrow.

Do I expect similar lists to come home for the other 3, or is it safe to assume that is it for now??

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  1. lady lock and load says:

    WOMAN….I WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS! fun, ain’t it?

    • HSaboMilner says:

      yes you did, but you didn’t tell me all the stores would be out of everything i needed…. :P

      • lady lock and load says:

        wait till you have to pack them up to go to yeshiva in Israel, now that is REAL fun!

        • HSaboMilner says:

          i don’t think I am sending my boys away….. but I don’t have to think about it for now…

          • lady lock and load says:

            yeah, ya got a couple of years!!

          • Mark says:

            HSM – i don’t think I am sending my boys away

            That’s what so many of my friends said a few years ago. Sure enough, this year many of their boys have graduated high school … and 80-90% of them just departed to yeshiva in Israel :-)

          • tesyaa says:

            I have a 12th grade girl. I’m not worried about being strong or holding the line on seminary because it’s very simple. I don’t have an extra $25,000 just lying around, so that is that :)

          • Mark says:

            tesyaa, have you found a college or a local seminary that is less than $25k for next year or will she go straight to work (and perhaps also attend college part-time)?

            (Wow, I can’t believe that seminary has reached $25k!)

          • batya from NJ says:

            Mark, I think Tesyaa is referring to the total costs of sending her daughter to a seminary in Israel as opposed to sending her to a local seminary. My daughter was in Israel for seminary last year & the cost of her school was $18k+airfare but financial aid & scholarships are available based on need which may be worth pursuing Tesyaa if your daughter is really hoping to go & if you think she will benefit from the year abroad. I will also add that there were other seminaries that were less expensive & others that were more. Generally, it seemed as though the more Yeshivish ones tended to be less expensive & the more modern ones more expensive which I guess is to be expected (similarly to elementary & HS tuitions in both the modern orthodox & more yeshivish communities).

          • tesyaa says:

            The list of seminaries my daughter’s school sent home listed prices from $17.5K to almost $25K. Airfare and personal expenses not included, obviously, and some don’t even include all meals for that price.. And we are in that special income bracket where we make too much to qualify for any financial assistance, yet we can’t afford goodies like seminary without taking on debt (which I won’t do for seminary).

          • batya from NJ says:

            Luckily for my daughter, her year in seminary counted for a full year of credits at her current college so it was definitely worthwhile for her but of course, every family has to figure what can & will work for them. I will add that even though your income may appear high, you nonetheless may be able to plead your case to a particular school (if you were to feel that it was worthwhile) & perhaps you would be eligible for some assistance (especially if you explain in a letter to the school all of your additional expenses despite your seemingly high income) but then again, you have to determine if it is worth the effort involved or not.

          • tesyaa says:

            She will have to go to college for 4 years anyway for the degree she wants, so seminary is definitely an “extra” I don’t feel we can afford.

          • tesyaa says:

            Finally – yes there are good public colleges in our state that charge under $25,000, room & board included if that’s what you want.

  2. Leah Jones says:

    Why do Jewish and Secular studies need separate pencils? Different rooms?

    And why all 48 pencils at once? why not send them to school with 2-3 at a time.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      I know his Rebbi had them bring in three paper bags (lunch bags) and divided up the pencils so that they would have fresh supply for each term of school without bothering the parents again. I would assume the secular studies teacher plans to do the same….

    • Mark says:

      Leah – Why do Jewish and Secular studies need separate pencils?

      I think they put a mechitza between them to separate the kodesh (holy) and the chol (secular).
      :-) :-)

  3. That has got to be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. Do they think the pencil is going to be corrupted by secularity? Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with you enrolling your children in a religiously oriented school, but separate pencils? That’s just strange.

    Plus, I can’t imagine the expense it would entail if they were to extend that policy to every school supply! Yikes!

  4. Rubyv says:

    How the hell does anyone go through 96 pencils in a year? What the hell does the school do with them? I only send a quarter at most of that for Pixie who is in first grade

  5. batya from NJ says:

    I guess you’ll find out tomorrow if you’ll be needing more supplies but hopefully not!

  6. Chanief says:

    I feel your pain, I bought my son everything on the 6th grade supply list only to find an additional list on his homeroom teacher’s website. It called for 100 pencils. Uh, I don’t think so, but I did have a good laugh over that request. The worst thing is that he came home with a few things from the list that his teacher decided they don’t need. Of course they are already marked with his name. My daughter came home with a list from her Spanish teacher… it never ends…

    • HSaboMilner says:

      we bought one of them a chumash breishit, put his name in it – turns out he needs shmot, the rebbi had told the office to update the list, but they didn’t get to it. the booksellers are raking it in. Sigh

  7. I bought supplies for my son a couple of years ago, and got slightly sturdier folders than the ones on the list – reasoning that he’s hard on them, and I’d like for them to last more than a month.

    He came home with a set of the cheap, flimsy folders. Apparently, the teachers take up all the supplies and redistribute as needed, sort of a communal thing. From then on, I had him put his name on folders and notebooks, and we’ve kept supplies at home until they were needed. I don’t mind donating to classroom supplies and needy kids, if asked – but I don’t appreciate others simply taking my son’s supplies, without asking.

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