Today I heard of the engagement of the daughter of a friend. Mazel tov! What you need to know is this: this is the daughter of a classmate of ours from high school. I am only 36 years old!! This is the start of the next generation of weddings and births…. My friend is going to be a mother in law, and potentially a grandmother, way before she turns 40! Yet we have classmates who have just started their marriages and families, and here she is starting the second generation. Just…

Suddenly I feel really old and I know I shouldn’t. I didn’t get married at 17. I was 21. Still too young. I had my first child at 22 which is very young. I will still be a young grandma once my kids get married and give me grandbabies after they have finished their degrees. Truth be told, I still feel like I am 25.

I am sure there will be more engagements very soon, we had a bunch of classmates get married at 17 and 18. This was the first. It seems to have knocked a lot of us for six!

Mazel Tov!!

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    G-d willing when my daughter finds the right guy (hopefully after she completes some of her education-preferably at least her BA degree ;)!) that will be the right time for me to personally start concerning myself with becoming a mother-in-law & G-d willing a grandmother etc… i am happy (& somewhat overwhelmed) for others who are my age & are my marrying off their children & sometimes, thinking about it may make me feel a bit “old” but basically, i say they’re the ones who are old NOT me b/c i’m not dealing with these issues just yet! hopefully though, i won’t feel old anyhow once i marry off my oldest kid (although maybe i will feel a bit old once i marry off my youngest kid ;) but you never know!). i love it when ppl. see me with my older daughter & comment about how we look like sisters! that certainly doesn’t make me feel old (although it may in fact make my poor daughter feel somewhat old :( -go figure)! in short, i find it funny that i often joke about being old but in reality i do feel much younger than 40 which is a good thing!

  2. frumgoth says:

    Mazal tov! on the engagement of your friend’s daughter. That’s so exciting! Although batya from NJ and I both have daughters the same age (who were in the same elementary class), I am older than both of you (42 – not trying to “one-up” you or anything, just a fact!) and I have a few friends who already have grandchildren. It is definitely a weird feeling. Simchas! : )

  3. frumgoth says:

    One never knows, do one?

  4. batya from NJ says:

    nope, one do not :)!!

  5. My grandmother became a grandmother at 38 because she’d had my mother early and my mother had me at 22. People can’t believe how young my grandmother is!

  6. J Wagner says:

    FREAKED OUT HADASSAH – had to comment… I remember her engagement party as if it were yesterday – i’m still to marry myself off!

  7. Rebecca says:

    If I may ask old old is Kod?

  8. sheldan says:

    If YOU felt old, then what about ME? I saw many of my peers getting married in their early 20s and I knew that I wasn’t ready. But when I reached my 30s, then 40s, and so many of the people I know had children (and some of them are having grandchildren (!)), I was wondering when I’d even get married. Fortunately, the right person came along (remember, man plans and G-d laughs). Unfortunately, because of health issues and our ages when we got married, children are not in our future (anyone looking for an uncle and aunt to the world? :-) ).

    I guess that some people do find their loves earlier than others. More power to them, but we don’t have to let it make us feel old.

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