I was tagged by Chaviva in a meme, so here is my submission. I don’t do a lot of memes, but Chaviva asked me, how could I say no??
The rules are:

  1. Open the fourth file where you store your photos.
  2. Pick the fourth photo.
  3. Explain the photo.
  4. Pass challenge onto four other bloggers.

My Photo.

momo chumash party 006

I had taken a pic of my Shabbat table to send to someone…can’t remember who now. Don’t you want to be a guest at my shabbat table?

I tag Shorty, Chanief , the very funny Benji and Yonit.

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  1. Mark says:

    Now I know for sure that you are really of Hungarian descent :-)

  2. hadassahsabo says:

    and what exactly do you mean by that, pray tell?

  3. Mark says:

    Uh oh, I knew that was going to get me in trouble. The beautiful table, the proper settings (are those chargers I see there?), and the color, the beautiful gold color!!!

    Just keep in mind that you have now made public that you don’t use a white tablecloth on Shabbos … and everyone knows that that is bad for shidduchim!!! :-)

  4. batya from NJ says:

    no, i think hadassah’s table looks like a very proper & formal British inspired shabbos table…

  5. G6 says:

    STUNNING table!!! :D

  6. Lion of Zion says:

    “Don’t you want to be a guest at my shabbat table?”

    nope. i’d probably spill something and ruin that tablecloth

  7. hadassahsabo says:

    LoZ – ya think the kids never spill? My shabbat table is user friendly. you can spill all you like and there will be no tablecloth ruination.

  8. Lady Lock and Load says:


  9. hadassahsabo says:

    Lady LnL – no condiments on the table until after Hamotzi

  10. Mark says:

    But can there be compliments on the table before that? :-)

  11. Chanief says:

    Thanks for tagging me… it happens that the pic was a cute one and not one of say, a blank wall.

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