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I asked my KoD this question over the weekend – why is it that most men love long hair on their women? Most of my friends tell me their hubbies get upset if they cut their hair, or even threaten to do so. Well, more sad than upset, because, it is just hair and it can grow back….

KoD posited (much to my amusement) that it dates back to caveman days, where a caveman would drag his woman into his cave by her hair so he could have his wicked way with her.

What say you?

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  1. Duvii says:

    KoD is correct as usual. That’s what I do.

  2. judit says:

    Your hubby is absolutely right, that is the reason :-) Still, it cracks me up :-D

    Also, the caveman would drag his “soul mate” by her hair around and it would have been really hard if she had short hair :-) Last but not least, they did not have hyperexpensive hair stylists around :-)

  3. lady lock and load says:

    Perhaps this is why some Rabbanim say that a woman should not wear her hair very long or purchase a very long haired wig. Because it is too attracting to all the cavemen out there.

  4. Pretty sure the idea of cavemen dragging women around by their hair is a modern invention of patriarchal d-bags who want to pretend that men always ruled everything. Back in caveman times it’s more likely that people cooperated with each other because the entire tribe needed to cooperate in order for people to survive, and both men and woman were involved in hunting and gathering food.

    More likely the reason men like long hair on women is that hair breaking/falling out is a sign of disease, and like large hips and big breasts, healthy hair was a sign that a woman would be more likely to successfully have children.

  5. mirimosh says:

    Well about the caveman theory i don’t know about others , but i’m jewish so that whole caveman thing isn’t really in my belief or my religion therefor i would say thats” bullshit” if i would be using words like that. So i agree with abandoning eden the reason probably is for health.

    • judit says:

      I am pretty sure HSM and her hubby are both jewish … and myself, too :-) and most of the people who comment here.
      Is there a new rabbinic rule prohibiting the sense of humor that I may have missed? :-D

    • sheldan says:

      Is Rex Ryan (“Hard Knocks”) checking in? :-)

      Maybe, if you don’t use that kind of language, you could use “special characters” (e.g., $@*^#!). Interesting enough, there is a show on CBS this fall based on a book that actually has a deleted expletive in the title based on a book and Twitter account (officially it’s called “Bleep My Dad Says”, but we know what it really is :-) ).

  6. sheldan says:

    I think that it may include both AE’s theory and the “caveman” theory. As for me, I remember that I probably went for long hair on women until the late 1970′s, when I saw some women with short hair (and bangs) and thought they were attractive too.

    It may just be taste. I still think many women are attractive with both long and short hair. My wife wears her hair short, but that is because she does not look as good in long hair.

  7. Mike S. says:

    I don’t know. My wife wears her hair short and I think she looks terrific.

    • judit says:

      That’s the thing. I think most women look terrific with short hair. Not me, though, I look like a bag lady if I wear short hair :-)

      I still like the caveman theory :-) I think the KoD has a good sense of humor, which I consider very, very important in men. Even more important than long hair in women :-)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      i have worn my hair short most of my life. like boy short. the last 2 years its gotten really long because apparently cutting it is verboten ;) – but not everyone looks good with long and not everyone looks good with short. To each their own. Now I have to go find a short haired pic of me….and i have no clue how to post it in the comments…..HELP!!

  8. Hmm, a pretty good guess, I would think! My boyfriend doesn’t want me to cut my hair… but it’s getting scraggly!!

  9. Chaviva says:

    In college I was told that no man would ever marry me because of my short hair. I got “butch lesbian” many times, too. When the current hubby and I started dating, he told me he never thought he’d go for short hair, but that it really looked good on me, and he liked me, so it worked.

    Now I’m growing it out, under my tichel of course, and it’s weird. It’s so long right now, compared to what I’m used to, anyhow. Does the DH feel any better about it? I don’t know. I should ask him, probably, yes?

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