Leave the lights alone!

I have my headlights set to automatic on my car. That means as soon as it gets a little dark they go on, if I enter a tunnel on they go, and when I turn the car off, they turn off too. Idiot-proof, right? This way I don’t have to think about it and the headlights don’t get left on all night long.

I went to an event in the city last night (more on that later, it deserves a post of its own) and used a local parking garage. They parked the car for me and retrieved it after the event.

I was almost home, driving locally, when drivers on the other side of the road started honking at me, and my friend asked me if my lights were on. I realized at that point (and thankfully, it wasn’t yet fully dark) that they were not.

Why do the garage attendants have to play with my settings. My chair is never in the same position, they change the radio station and they always turn off the headlights. Why can’t they leave things as they were? We pay through the nose for the privilege of using their garage, they could just park the darn car and leave the settings alone!!

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  1. Mark says:

    The reason the garage attendant turned the lights off is because he was afraid that they would stay on and drain your battery while the car is parked. Then when you get back, the battery would be dead and he would have no easy way of retrieving the car from the bowels of the garage to return it to you. Then he would spend half an hour getting the jumper cables and the charger/starter device they have stashed somewhere in the garage to start it up. Then his boss will get annoyed at him for spending all that time instead of parking cars that are piling up at the entrance, and he will be fired. And for low-skill jobs like that, today it is very difficult to find a replacement job!

    The fact that the lights are automatic is irrelevant to the garage attendant who, by his actions, is protecting himself. He has no way of knowing which cars will automatically turn the lights off and which ones will not. He also works in a fast-paced job and has no time to wait around to check if they actually do turn off.

  2. just thinking says:

    Mark is right. Imagine the outrage if your battery went dead. Also your seat is not in the same position because it is likely that the attendant cannot fit behind the steering wheel when it is pushed forward to accommodate a smaller driver. It really is not too hard to set it back. True you are paying exorbitant fees but that is a personal choice. Street parking is available in NYC- usually meters begin again (after not being allowed to park during the day) at 6 PM and an open spot can usually be found. Remember the poor guys are just doing their jobs.

  3. Rebecca Fistel says:

    I can understand the seat but the lights and radio are a no no. U can mention the next time you leave your car in a garage that the lights are automatic and he does not need to shut them off and please, please, don’t mess with the radio.

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