Laundry Woes

Laundry Woes

Can someone please explain this to me? I do laundry twice or thrice a week. The kids all sort their own laundry and we have one of those hampers with three sections in it next to the washing machine. Nothing gets put into the hamper by anyone other than the boys. The KoD and I do our laundry separately after a few mishaps with the kids leaving pens and other interesting stuff in pockets that weren’t checked, and well, I have some ruined clothes.

My office is literally six steps away from the washing machine and drier, so it’s no big deal to throw in a load.

Every single time I do laundry there is a pile of stuff that belongs to no one. The kids get home from school, take their stuff and fold it and put it away (allegedly). But there is always a pile of unclaimed stuff. How does that happen? THEY put their stuff in to be washed. I washed what THEY put in – how can these socks and tee shirts and whatever else belong to none of them?

Can someone explain that to me?

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  1. Abe Kohen says:

    Ex nihilo. yesh-me-ayin.

    Put name tags and/or use permanent markers on ALL clothing items.

    You will no longer be privy to immaculate conception of clothing.

    Now if we could only figure out how to prevent the missing socks, etc., we could truly say: B’tzelem elohim nivra ha-adam.

    Shabbat shalom.

    • HaDassah says:

      Name tags only work when no clothes get handed down. Some of the clothes are on the 4th wearer!!

      • Lady Lock N Load says:

        Then you just take your laundry marker and cross out the name on it and write that child’s initial. BTDT

      • Mrs Meyer says:

        My mother added dots with permanent marker to the tags. One dot was the eldest sister, two dots was the middle sister, and three dots was me. As something went from Girl One to Girl Two, or Girl Two to Girl Three, she just added another dot.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out where all my matching socks went.

  3. Lady Lock N Load says:

    I also labeled my kids clothes when they were younger. Sometimes I still do. Makes it much easier especially if they have matching stuff. Now is a good time for you to order some iron on labels for each of the boys, in this pre camp season, and have them iron on the labels onto their clothing. Or you can use a laundry marker. For socks, I would take a needle and sew a few threads on the toe seam of the sock. Each child was a different color, one was red, one was blue, one was whatever (I forget!)
    Good luck!

  4. Shimmy says:

    So that’s where all my socks went….

  5. Mark says:

    It’s magic. The same magic that causes socks to disappear in the dryer.

  6. anon says:

    I’ve heard of the idea to put assign a certain number of dots to each child (i.e. child #1 – one dot, child #2- two dots etc)
    That way, when something is passed down to the next child, you just add a dot.

  7. Babelfish says:

    I think they honestly don’t recognise their laundry. Actually, it happened to me too. I once left a bedsheet in the laundry-room and assumed, when I found it the next time I washed, that it belonged to neighbours. Only after several months, when none of the neighbors had claimed it, did I realise it was mine…

    So I suppose the same goes for black socks or white underpants, especially when the brothers have more or less your size…

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