Kitchen Slavery

In our house either everyone volunteers to help in the kitchen at once, or no one volunteers. I cannot have everyone helping in the kitchen – too many cooks, and all that. KoD loves to help in the kitchen too – being married to a man with detailed knowledge of food safety practices is always interesting, lol!! So much I didn’t know….

Anyhow, with the back pain issue, and with me wanting the kids to be willing to help and to think helping is second nature, we had to come up with something that would teach them the skills, help me at the same time and not drive me insane while in the midst of food prep.

The “Weekly Kitchen Slave” was born. See, we already have a weekly turn of who gets to sit in the front of the car when the KoD is driving and Ima isn’t in the passenger seat. This cuts down on fighting when you have 3 old enough to sit in the front!! So why not have a weekly turn of who gets to help Ima in the kitchen.

We started it on Friday, and there have been no fights. It’s Lenny’s turn (oh the fun of being the oldest). He was watching a movie when I called out “Oh Kitchen Slave, Oh Kitchen Slave!” and he came running. (Ok, fine, he slouched into the kitchen with remote control in hand).

For five minutes he washed some dishes and opened some canned veggies for me, and put some stuff in the dishwasher. He must have looked at his watch a bazillion and seven times! But no complaining, because he knew it was his turn to be the kitchen slave. I should really call them sous chef, but kitchen slave has a nice ring to it.

We’ll see how it works once they all go back to school – but I think that we are onto a winning system here.

How does it work in your house?

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  1. Nora says:

    Our rule was anyone under 30 had to help once they were over 8 or so. Tasks gradually got harder as kids got older. Of course, now that all the “kids” are in their 20′s & 30′s the new rule is anyone under 40.

  2. anne says:

    I’d definitely opt for “sous-chef” and let them do most of the cooking & become a “kitchen slave” myself…

  3. Z! says:

    You’re looking at the kitchen slave….

  4. Baila says:

    My daughters think I bred them to be my slaves. :-)

  5. I really admire you for being able to divide the chores between your kids.. I have only 3, oldest is 8 youngest is nearly 5…
    I only have a younger sister, 7 years younger! My father worked constantly and my mother was and still is extremely close to my sister. I wasn’t raised with alot of people around me. I felt left out as a child and my mom just stopped cooking for us at a young age. We were on a “fend for yourself” schedule. I never really learned how to prepare a home made meal for a lot of people, I’m unorganized and find it hard to keep going sometimes. How early do you wake up in the morning and what time do you go to bed? I can’t find enough hours to get everything done.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      i am up daily at 630 and in bed by 11, 1130.

      from when the kids were little, i had them help out. as they get older, if they help me with chores, i find they open up to me more. Time management is key – and prioritise, make a schedule for chores and laundry etc, and stick to it.

      it can be done!!

  6. thank you so much. i do appreciate your advice. i need to make them help ALOT, somewhere i think i forgot they weren’t infants anymore. it’s hard to let go of that! i am going to make your chick pea salad, because i love all of the ingredients seperately (so it must be great together), and write down a list of daily chores for the “meeting” later. I’m sure they’ll like it, but you do stay awake a long day :) i hope i can make it.

    • HSaboMilner says:

      baby steps! my boys sort laundry to be washed and then after fold their own laundry, they make their own beds. even a 4 year old can try to make a bed with help and can sort laundry into piles.

      yes it is a long day, but that’s why God invented coffee!

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