I made them pizza for supper. The kind you buy frozen, put in the oven and ten minutes later, voila, dinner is ready. Kids love it, and when the IGA has a fresh batch delivered from Israel I usually buy a few.

So after dinner tonight one of the princes says to me “thank you, Ima, for throwing dinner in the oven”. I glared at him and told the brother sitting next to him to smack his sibling upside the head – gently. “What?? Whenever I say thank you for the pizza, you always say you didn’t make it, you just threw it in the oven. So I’m thanking you for that”.  More glaring. Other brother explained to him that Ima is allowed to say it, but he isn’t. “You know, like when you tell Ima you like her dress, and she says ‘this old thing’ you can’t say you like that old thing / dress because it’s rude.”

“OK fine. Ima, thank you for slaving over a hot stove to make sure we had good food in our bellies tonight.”

“I just threw it in the oven, didn’t take much……..”

Kid muttered under his breath “WOMEN!”

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  1. Duvii says:

    Yup, that’s about what I would’ve said. I like this kid!

  2. Aubrey says:

    Too funny! That conversation could have happened at my house.

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