Just a Question?

Prince ChatterBox is 7 and comes up with the most amusing sentences and questions most of the time. What he asked me this morning gave me pause. “Ima, right if a father dies all his stuff goes to his real kids not his step-kids?”

Now, the child didn’t seem distressed about anything, worried or unduly anxious. It seemed to me that it was just a question – why is the earth round kind of thing.

I answered him honestly, that according to Halacha he was indeed right. I did not add (@marksofla) that his oldest brother would apparently get twice the others’ share because why add to the sibling rivalry?!

I was rushing him off to school so I didn’t have time to pick his brain as to the origin of the question. It’s probably just a question, right?

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  1. Yeah. I am sure that’s all it is. I find that with Evan I just answer the question and not try to read more into it. That’s usually all it is.

  2. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Maybe he was learning in Chumash in school about the laws of inheritance so that got him to thinking.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Does his father have other stepchildren? If his father has more material items in his home, maybe he is thinking that these children will acquire them and maybe he, if he is not too thrilled with them (if there are stepchildren) maybe he wants to cover his basis. Also, is it possible that there was talk in their other home that someone is ill? May not be their father but children are so perceptive and may then begin to wonder. I think you answered him properly. If he should ask if the oldest gets more, then you will have to answer that honestly as well, but I don’t think that information has to be forthcoming without the question preceeding it. Long winded reply, I know!

  4. G6 says:

    Or maybe he just really likes KoD’s wristwatch or something ;)

  5. Z! says:

    I think that his asking just shows you how intelligent he is and how aware he is of his life/ situation.
    So many times we think that young kids don’t GET it, but the reality is, that they do ‘get’ what is important to them. I love that he is, of course, comfortable enough to come to you and ask the question.

  6. Just saw this. My seven-year-old autistic son spent about a month telling us he wishes he was born in 1996. Finally we asked him why, and he said he wants to be the bechor. Why? “Because when your parents die you get all their stuff.”

    I guess it’s a 7-year-old thing. Gosh, now I’m glad my kid’s acting normal.

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