It’s not fair!!

I recently saw this YouTube clip and it made me laugh. But really, why is it socially acceptable for little kids to throw themselves on the floor kicking and screaming at a perceived injustice – and not acceptable for grown ups? Granted, we would look ridiculous laying on the floor imitating a toddler, but sometimes it’s what we need. When things just do not go right, we are supposed to just accept it, maybe complain to our spouse or a chosen friend, but then we are supposed to soldier on, stiff upper lip etc.

What would happen if we were to take a page from the toddler book and throw an all-out tantrum? All the bottled up aggro could be dissipated in a safe manner. Now, we wouldn’t have to do it in the cereal aisle, although, as every toddler knows, that’s the best place to do it to show your parent up. (As a grown up they might arrest you). But we aren’t doing it for that reason. If we allowed ourselves to really express how we feel, well, won’t the world be a better place for it? If these tantrums are thrown in the safety of our own houses and living space, we won’t get arrested or judged. After ten minutes of howling and kicking into space – I am sure I would feel better. Yes, nothing would have been solved, but there would be a lack of pent-up frustration. Maybe there would be less violence in the world if we could throw tantrums in the safety of our own environment.

So, who is with me? Safe tantrums for grown ups….let’s start a new movement…..

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  1. Have you never seen a physically mature person (don’t want to say adult because there is nothing adult about it) throw a tantrum? I’m for tantrums if I’m in a padded room with no audience. That means no family or other occupants either.
    It is important to me that control of my outer face to the world is essential. I do not, have not, and don’t want to see an adult throw a tantrum.
    (but sometimes I really want to! :) )

  2. batya from NJ says:

    i guess punching bags are another option that might be more socially acceptable as a means of letting off steam for adults. not that i own a punching bag but i guess some gyms may have them, not sure, b/c i’ve never looked around for them!

    throwing a tantrum is only effective for kids when they have an audience & like shoshana said above you don’t want to do that as an adult with an audience (it’s probably not a great behavior to model for the kids anyhow) & quite frankly, if no one is there to observe, i’m not sure if it would have a therapeutic benefit. kind of like, the old philosophical query, if a tree falls in a forest & no one hears it, did it really fall?!
    just some points to ponder…have a great day & if tantruming will make you feel better, then by all means go for it :)!

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  4. Z! says:

    You have not been privy to some of the arguments between man and wife!! If THOSE aren’t Tantrums, I do not know WHAT is!!!!

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