“It’s not even pre-cancer”

I was at the dermatologist earlier this week getting certain globs of yuck zapped from my face (oh the perils of aging) and heard those scary words “this concerns me”. The derm asked me if I had ever had a sunburn as a child. Um, yeah, I grew up in the age of “let’s go to the beach, don’t forget the suntan oil”. Yeah, you young ‘uns, oil not lotion. We’d bake to a crisp. So yeah, doc, I got sunburned. Mind you, with my lily white English rose complexion it does not take much to burn. These days I am much smarter and avoid the sun and tanning beds. I like being so pale I glow in the dark!

So the doc says he’s gonna take a scraping from this bump that I have had for years and send it to the lab, just to make sure. He’ll let me know in a few days what they say. He was remarkably low key and not panicked so I took my cue from him. Although, it’s no fun having the doc scraping one’s forehead with a sharp implement.

I came home with a red-raw-soon-to-scab-over area on my forehead (thank G-d for bangs) and tried to sit on my hands to stop them from googling. Cyberchondria is a real illness, you know. I googled skin cancer eventually and got so skeeved out that I stopped. Coincidentally, not that I believe in such things, I read this post (and the comments) from Marinka which gave me pause to sit and take stock and not worry. It also made me laugh so hard that I snorted coffee out of my nose.

I have been vaguely concerned all week, but trying not to obsess. The doctor’s office called me just before with those sweet sweet words “it’s just sun damage, it’s not even precancerous”. Thank G-d, right?! Relief. Thank you very much goodbye. I hurried to hang up the phone.

Not quite. I must take care of the said sun damage otherwise nasty and nefarious things might happen. I am to pick up a strong powerful cream from the pharmacy that will leave my skin looking raw and red and kinda ugly. “But I am so vain” I whined to the secretary – she told me she understands, and now would be the time to have a fringe / bangs. I am not that vain that I would refuse to treat this damage. I just don’t want to be walking around looking red for a week or two. But I am happy to pay that price, because it isn’t anything worse. Thankfully, also it’s on the forehead so I can cover it up with hair or low brim hats or something. No make up allowed…boo hiss!

Now, where did I put my sunscreen?

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  1. B”H

    Sorry you are going through a nisyon. Yes aging B’ezras Hashem is the right word….we get ‘tabs’, moles, and fatty cysts as we age….not pretty stuff to chat about….but better than the other….

    Be sure to wear sunglass to prevent cataracts also

    All in all I’m reaching 54 have been through the cysts and not they are a matter of course…may this be your last dance with anything untaward.

    Hatzlaha and good health!

  2. Susan says:

    I’m glad it turned out to be benign. I had a similar incident in which the dermatologist cut off something suspicious from my arm and sent it to the lab. The answer was, “It’s not cancer, and it’s not precancer. Unfortuanately, the lab thinks you may have lupus,” which is, by the way, a pretty nasty disease as well. So I spent another week worrying until the doctor was able to determine I don’t have lupus, baruch hashem.

    My you live to be 120.

  3. I miss reading your blog—I am going to make time to do it more often. Oh to have time to relax and drink tea (!) …and read a few great blogs. Sorry for your scare—and thanks for this warning to all. I’m a huge proponent of sunblock and sunglasses (both my parents had cancer AND cataract issues!!). I’m also about as pale as a raw chicken, so it’s necessary! :)
    You rock.

  4. Shira Chana Freedman says:

    I am SO GLAD everything is well B”H!
    Take care of you!!

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