It’s MY purse!

It’s pink and capacious. It has depths like you wouldn’t believe. I keep so many important things in there – MY things. Like lipstick, car keys, money, iPod, lock for my gym locker, a few pens, some candy, a snack or two – some tissues, some receipts, breath fresheners, a safety pin or three.

My purse screams my name.

It is MINE. Not a receptacle for your stuff because you don’t want to just put your keys or your miscellaneous stuff in your own pocket. I don’t need gameboy cartridges warring with my lip gloss. It’s MY PURSE for MY things. It’s heavy enough with the kitchen sink I choose to carry around, I don’t need to add to it because carrying something small in your own pockets is just too much to expect.

And then, when you want your treasures back, you expect me to be able to just whip them out like that? It’s a black hole in there, my friend. Once it goes in, it’s lost forever – or until the purse gods decide you deserve to have it back.

Buy a man purse, or use your pockets. Just leave my purse ALONE.

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    Wow you really like sharing, don’t you.

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