Is it only Tuesday?

I feel as if I have lived several weeks in the past couple of days. As I wrote the other day we have been without power since Saturday night. It is now almost lunchtime on Tuesday and the latest update has us being restored to full functioning power by Saturday morning. Oh Joy. Not.

This morning the temperature in the house was a frigid 46 degrees Fahrenheit. As of tonight we are no longer braving it, and will be sleeping at a friend’s house – and using their washer / dryer! Oy the laundry that piles up…..

Thankfully our hot water still works (more on that in a subsequent post) and the gas burners are working, so I was able to make oatmeal and coffee and cocoa. Although, with no milk (need power to run fridge) it’s been interesting.

I am just so surprised that none of the local shuls that have power have not opened their doors to the community for free shelter and free suppers etc. Our area has been very hard hit – so many homes without power.

Anyhow, I have internet connection at the library for a little while, so I plan to catch up a bit on my blogging / FB / Twitter and take care of some work emails while I can. The kids have a short school day – no busing as many roads are still blocked with trees and there are still many unattended power lines.

It’s been so stressful. I have been close to tears many times. I went to bed last night with a sore throat, and woke up with a stinking rotten cold, sore throat and very painful neck. I haven’t been sleeping at all well in this cold, and I am just about ready to scream.

Bless all my friends that have offered us warmth and shelter and freezer space. More soon.

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  1. I have been in the same boat when we lived in Maine. We lost power for at least 4 days. You have my total empathy. Our storm in Colorado knocked out power for many last night and we are supposed to get another one tonight. Problem is, the leaves are not off the trees so many of the bowed over and snapped off branches. Text me if you need to rant. :)

  2. Alan says:

    We offered safe haven at the house where Jack’s Gourmet was born

  3. sheldan says:

    I definitely sympathize. In 1994 we had the worst ice storm in Memphis history. I remember spending the first weekend at my grandmother’s senior appartment with my parents. I was able to go home to my apartment in a couple of days, but my parents went without power for a couple of weeks.

    Will continue to keep up with the story.

  4. Ariela says:

    Oh, I read this post after the newer post, so I know how you have hot water. Oy, what a terrible situation.

  5. Sophia Chidgey-Hallan says:

    Sorry to hear you are still without power. I hope My Brother and SIL in Ridgewood got their’s back yesterday but due to the fact that she is expecting and the fridge/freezer in their rental is very old they have had to dump its contents. I have suggested that they get a generator as this has happened to them at least once every winter in the last 4 years. Have you considered this – a good modern freezer is good for 24 hours if you do not open the door, so if you only ran it during the day it would certainly help and would allow you to use the fridge as well.

    Though this does not happen very often in London we do have a generator and it has saved my freezer contents twice since we moved in. Our power is supply is underground but is very elderly and when it fails it is catastrophic – joints are going one by one. The problems were fixed within 48 hours though. The real issue is that the utility people are only going to fix what breaks rather than replace the run in the current economic climate. This means that it could happen again any time.

  6. Lili says:

    It’s possible that they cannot open their doors due to insurance restrictions. We’ve had that happen here before.

    Hope it gets better soon.

  7. batya from NJ says:

    We were also without power since Shabbat afternoon but we were lucky to be able to run away to my brother’s home which is 25 minutes away from us. It was a VERY stressful period & I REALLY feel for you guys who were stuck at home freezing during this whole ordeal. I also REALLY hope that you get your power back ASAP. This is beyond ridiculous already :(!!!

    • HSaboMilner says:

      You are very lucky you had somewhere to run. So many people have no family to take them in. Thank the good L-rd for good friends.

      • batya from NJ says:

        BH, I DEFINITELY do thank the good L-rd for that & I just hope that you guys will be back to normal soon. I am currently trying to get back to normal once again!! I was busy throwing out most of the contents of my fridge & freezer etc…

        • HSaboMilner says:

          did i miss an update? you have power back?

          • batya from NJ says:

            YUP!!! I guess you’re slackin’ off on my fb posts! Tsk, tsk ;)!!!

          • HSaboMilner says:

            haha – too many posts too little time!!

          • batya from NJ says:


          • batya from NJ says:

            BTW, you know I’m still traumatized from the crazy pre-pesach storm 2 years ago when we were out of power from Shabbat afternoon through Thursday (& 2 weeks b/f Pesach to boot!). During that disaster we were martyrs (like you guys) & slept at home the entire time but I think after that experience we just REFUSE to do it again. In fact, when we lost power for a few days during Hurricane Irene while we were away visiting family at the end of August I also REFUSED to return home until we knew for sure that the power had been restored. Again, I really was traumatized & it sounds like you are too :( but I REALLY hope your power will return ASAP!!!!!

  8. avrumyg19 says:

    Even though our side of the 59 was lucky not 2 lose power, we do feel along w/our brothers & sisters who don’t have. I do have place in my fridge & freezer. Let me know if u need it. I would feel honored 2 b of help.

  9. Z! says:

    No loss of power in Brooklyn, BH! I am always kreaked out becuase of the salt water aquarium. loss of power to it sucks and the back up batteries we have can only last so long.
    Our roof leaked. Into my bedroom… It leaked so badly that an 8×4 foot section eventually fell down. We had a garbage can full of water and multiple leak spots with buckets trying to catch it all. Also, my boiler wasn’t working on Shabbos. BH, motzei shabbos we got it back up and running.
    We are sleeping int the second bedroom until we fix the leak properly and the ceiling.

  10. lady lock and load says:

    I still can’t figure out why the Jewish schools were open. No transportation so parents carpooling when roads had wires and trees down. Major traffic lights not working and no cops directing traffic. I plan on writing a note to some of these schools and telling them I think it was dangerous.

  11. noa says:

    I’m still pondering your shul comment…I know the churches always take people in. That doesn’t say such good things for our religion…My sister in New Jersey hosted her friends and their 4 kids who live in your area for several days…

    • batya from NJ says:

      Noa, many shuls themselves were without power & even if a few did have power, I doubt they would be able to house all of the many ppl. in the community who were affected & H I know that many shuls are struggling to pay their mortgages & dues & I think it’s unrealistic to expect them to have offered free dinners to families.

      I will add though that once my kid’s elementary school got power back on Monday afternoon, they invited all parents who wished to come & supervise their children to come & hang out in the building from 1-6 that day & they also offered a free pizza lunch to all students (even to those who generally do not receive hot lunch) the next day (Tuesday) b/c they knew that many families were still without power & that preparing lunch would be a huge challenge for those families. Needless to say, I was very impressed with my kid’s elementary school & I thought their offer was very kind (even if we do pay an arm & a leg for tuition)!

  12. lady lock and load says:

    I suppose a shul would take in people and let them come in from the cold but maybe their insurance policy does not allow. Also, our shuls are not really set up for people to stay overnight (sleep on the bima?) and would be more comfortable to stay in someones house (like your sister’s).

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