Is he being lazy or sweet?

Squiggy came home first today. ChatterBox is usually home first, but has gym today so won’t be home until 6. I need laundry tokens in order to do laundry. That means shlepping down to the super’s apartment. I didn’t feel like getting dressed to go there. So I asked Squiglet to go do it for me. “But Ima”, he said, “you know that ChatterBox loves to go get the tokens for you, it makes him feel so grown up.”

Thing is, he IS right. ChatterBox does love to go, and I can manage with the couple of tokens I have left until he gets home….but I wonder if Suiggy’s motives are pure. Then I am chastising myself for judging him unfairly.

Kids. Sigh.

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  1. batya from NJ says:

    truthfully, i think that only Hashem can know what is in our complex minds & what motivates us to say whatever it is that we say. there is absolutely no way for anyone here (unless they are psychic or G-d themselves ;)!) that can claim to know what Squiggy’s motives are. i would say that as long as Prince Chatterbox really does enjoy going to get the tokens you may as well just wait until he gets home. i would say to just “let it go” b/c it doesn’t pay to over-analyze Squiggy’s motives. i sure as heck wouldn’t want ppl. over-analyzing things that i say :)!

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