Introducing the Newest Member of the Family

Yesterday we went to North Shore Animal Shelter to look at dogs, and we fell in love with this 10 week old German Shepherd Mix puppy. KoD and the kids have been trying to convince me for a long time to get a dog and I have been resistant. But look at his adorable face! How can you resist that shayna punim?

The boys had no clue we were bringing them home a puppy – they were so shocked and surprised and totally fell in love instantly!

We are crate training, and he can’t go outside yet for another six weeks until he has had his rabies shot – so we have a lot to learn. But Doggle (we will decide on a name soon) is so loved and so treasured.

The kids are on mid-winter break and have woken up early to play with him. It’s just so sweet to watch them all play with him.

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  1. fille says:

    Don’t let him do things that you would not want a grown german shephard to do… Because he will not understand that he grows and that things that were funny with a puppy are not funny with a 40-kg beast…

  2. Ronnie Fein says:

    He is adorable! Mazal tov!

  3. batya from NJ says:

    Enjoy your new puppy! That is SO not my idea of a good time but I really hope you will enjoy him!!! Have nachas ;)!!

  4. rebeccad says:

    Good For you! Its important to wait and get him all his shots before you expose it to the outside. The receptionist at the place my mother get’s physical therapy just had to put down her puppy because it got rabies from a squirrel in the back yard.
    Worse yet the puppy nipped her husband and you can imagine the panic that caused with shots in the belly and all.
    Also you should consider training your pup too. The big chain pet store offer this service. My dad writes books about dogs, trains them, and did a tv show in Canada about training them. Some of those houses looked a wreck until the puppy got formal training. Also it makes it easier on the kids. A trained puppy is a pleasure to walk. A vilda one is difficult to handle and parents end up with the brunt of the responsibility.
    Anyway enjoy your cutie either way!

  5. gsdlady says:

    Adorable pup !! I hope you realize that even though you were warned about not taking him outside….he will have to go out every 2 hours or so to start housebreaking him. Paper training is a big mistake. If you take him out under supervision, i.e. on a leash, you should be fine.

    And through a “big party” whenever he does his business outside.

  6. She looks like my mama’s pup, who passed away in November. Such a sweet face!

  7. rachel says:

    I think that you won’t keep him for too long…

  8. Leora says:

    He is extremely adorable…very wide-eyed, innocent, and small-whole package…enjoy him : )

  9. Elayne says:

    You don’t realize all the work that YOU just signed up for. The kids may be excited now but just wait a few days / months. You are way too busy as it is. Poor you or KoD. OTOH if you have the time and money there is nothing like a dog as a pet. We always went for big dogs; the last two were an English Sheepdog we named Lord Nelson since he had a black patch over one eye. His real name was Seekapetra Knight Errant. Our last dog was an Akita which we named Kuma which is Japanese for Bear. We had him for 11 1/2 years before he died almost 2 years ago; no replacement yet.

    Good luck.

  10. That shayna punim will grow up. Then he’ll be a handsome brute. I would hate to live without a dog. Be tough on the kids that they must care for this pup. Do not let them ‘lose interest’. You’ll still have plenty of responsibilities keeping up with them all, and keeping them on track. I hope the pup turns out to be your new best friend!

  11. ilanadavita says:

    Even the dog is a boy! ;-)

  12. T says:

    I am quite relieved you got a gazunta dog! Not a n annoying little rat that I just want to kick over.mwahhhahaha!

    he is adorable. Train him well.

  13. Baila says:

    It’s true that a dog is work, but most of the work is at the beginning when they are young. Train them well and when they get older, they’re alot less work than kids! When my husband surprised me with our dog, i wanted to kill him, but now I am crazy about him (the dog–and my husband, too!) A dog brings something very special into a home and I think you’ll be happy. B’hatzlacha!

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