How I tie my tichel

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  1. Meira_Davi says:

    Thank you Hadassah for sharing this and your other videos. For some of us who are exploring these practices, it is very useful to have a sort of how-to video to really see how it is done. Your openness is a blessing.

    Thanks again.
    Meira Davi

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  3. REALLY! I may have to go over to coveryourhair and get a long tiechel and ribbon and try this! I’d love it!

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    I personally find this type of head covering very uncomfortable, too much tugging on my keppi. And keeps on sliding down and my hair keeps sticking out. I really love the pretied stuff, plop it on and I’m ready to run. Sorry hadassah!

  5. Z! says:

    V nice. Can you post one to show us how your SIL showed ties hers? Like she showed us at your Tichel party?

  6. Z! says:

    Yes, she did. I remember a broad sweep of the tichel over the head after it is tied in the back- I think, or something….

  7. Raizy says:

    Cute accent, Hadassah.

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