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Help me settle a petty argument. Can you classify good looking yummy men as beautiful and gorgeous or is that only for women? Are good looking men only to be classified as handsome or winsome?


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  1. Noah Roth says:

    I think the generally accepted convention for referring to Good looking men is “Noah Roth.”

  2. batya from NJ says:

    beautiful is more for women but gorgeous is def used for guys as well as handsome. never heard of winsome (must be brittish). btw, guys can certainly be cute or adorable & they can be pretty boys (like leo!).

  3. G6 says:

    I think it depends on the overall “look” that they have.
    I’ve seen a few ‘beautiful’ men in my time, but I wouldn’t classify all handsome (gorgeous works too – though in the Queen’s English it means something else entirely….) men as necessarily beautiful.
    The beautiful ones are the ones with the long lashes… etc. etc.

  4. Hmm….not sure what you guys call men. Men (Americans anyway) don’t typically say gorgeous anymore….seems like more of a word I heard when I was a kid. But then again, I was a kid so what did I know?

    If anybody wants to call me any of these names, I promise I wouldn’t complain.

  5. Julie says:

    def used to use those terms for guys all the time. married now, dont talk about other men :)

  6. Duvii says:

    We good looking men prefer not to be pigeonholed, categorized or otherwise labeled. We find labels and classifications to be soooo 20th century/BT (Before Twitter). Today we each want to be recognized for our independent virtues and as individuals.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      again. no picture in avatar…interesting that only Benji (What War Zone) is brave enough to put his picture…… ;)

  7. jewishside says:

    I think men can be called gorgeous, not so sure about the beautiful part though. I’ve had lots of people look at pics of me and SN and say that he’s cute, so I guess that can be used for men too.

    My question is, do you like when other people compliment your husbands looks? or do you think that’s only for you, and that they shouldn’t be talking about him in that way?

    Someone was talking to me about it, and then I started to wonder, and now I’m not sure what I think!

    • hadassahsabo says:

      it doesn’t bother me when other ppl tell me my husband is good looking or cute or some other such compliment. He is! If they are doing it in a benign way, there is nothing wrong with that.

      look at it from the other perspective. if someone tells my KoD that he has a lovely wife, or a pretty one, or even a hot one (although that is taking it a bit too far) – would he be insulted? No, I highly doubt it. It’s a compliment – lucky you, you have such a lovely / pretty / hot wife.

      KoD – care to weigh in here??!

  8. tesyaa says:

    Of course a man can be beautiful or gorgeous. Next question!

  9. Z! says:

    I love when the ladies call my hubby cute- cuz he is! It reaffirms that I’m not totally insane.

    Hansdome, gorgeous, beautiful, any compliment is a good compliment.

  10. Chanief says:

    I think the terms beautiful and gorgeous are perfectly acceptable to describe men. I tend to use beautiful for men if I am describing someone with a lot of inner beauty, not external. Not that they can’t be externally good looking, but a man who is a truly good person would be beautiful in my book.

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