Heimishe Food

Last night the twitter gang and I had an awesome exchange that boiled over to my facebook page and now I am bringing it to you.

What were we discussing? Heimishe Food. More importantly, what the worst heimishe food we have ever eaten is. I learned what “yapchik” and “gribben” are, and when @dovbear started talking about other cultures and what they like to eat (duck fetus) I almost threw up.

So come on folks, jump in to the convo – what is the worst food you have ever eaten AND what food will you never eat and why.

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  1. just don’t buy gribines from a mohel. It’s too chewy. ;)

  2. mottel says:

    Just making sure that P’tsha got its honorable mention for heimishe food.

  3. “Heimishe” as in Hasidic or “Heimishe” as in comfort or is there a third meaning to the term that I don’t know?

  4. I have great grandparents (k”h pu pu pu) I visited them in israel, and they got me to eat some ptcha. Not t5he cheap stuff from chicken feet, the “real ” stuff from cow hoofs. let me just tell u, NEVER AGAIN!! dont let anyone ever fool u into thinking that it is just like jello!
    Being in israel with so much food to take advantage of, it was the worst time and place to loose my desire to eat!

    • Z! says:

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE P’tcha myself!! Was first introduced to in Montreal. Wasn’t a fan. Then had some in NY- totally different experience! KOLDKUTS on ave K has the best, as far as I’m concerned. Garlic-y.

  5. Gefilte Fish in a jar freaks me out. I won’t touch that.

    The worst food? I guess anything I ate in a Chinese restaurant before I was frum. It was tasty, but who knows what it was. Shudder.

  6. I’m with Rivki on gefilte fish. Yuck.

  7. Rabbiswife says:

    I had a roomate in college that looooooved balut. She had pics of herself eating it all over SE Asia. Gross! I can’t even think about eating it!

    I have personally eaten Durian (kosher, in case you want to try it), which reminded me of sugar-soaked gym socks flavored custard. I won’t be having that again, but it was worth the experience for once.

  8. MelissaSG says:

    the taste and texture and unknown qualities of it all make me wanna vomit.

  9. noa says:

    I had the please of attending a Halachic Dinner (google Ari Greenspan for more info) where we ate all kinds of food for which the mesorah is dying out – we learnt the halachot of shechittah and identification signs for animals you would never guess are kosher, and then ate them. The most disgusting thing I ate that night? It would have to be a tie between roasted cow’s udders (the talmud says they taste like cheeseburgers) and sauteed locusts. The thing I couldn’t get myself to eat no matter how much wine I drank – testicles. Don’t remember which animal.

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