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So after feeling like crud for a day or two I shlepped myself to the doctor today. After waiting 90 minutes, I saw the nurse, same nurse who doesn’t speak English – she asked me to do a strep test, and said “you can pay for it if you want” – meaning, “it will cost you”.


Did the strep test – came out negative. Paid $25 for the privilege.


Waited another 90 minutes to see the doctor. For the majority of the examination he kept saying prolonged virus, prolonged virus. Then he listened closely through the stethoscope – and pronounced bronchitis. He seemed surprised. Weird.


Anyway, he prescribed me Biaxin and plenty of rest. Kids at home, KoD not here. Rest. Sure.

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  1. Lion of Zion says:

    “Did the strep test – came out negative. Paid $25 for the privilege.”

    i have to admit that i smiled the first time that my son’s strep test came back positive. after all the negative tests, i finally felt like i got my money’s worth at the doctors office.

  2. Z! says:

    if you think that was harsh- just wait till you have to deal with the US medical system!

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