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So, I bought these awesome headscarves in Israel – fancy ones that you can wrap around your head and make a real statement with.

I love them – but they do not stay in place. Regular bobby pins only hold them in place for so long and then the back slide starts.

What can I use to keep these scarves in place for the whole day without me having to readjust twice an hour?


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  1. le7 says:

    Maybe some sort of textured headband underneath??

  2. Nora says:

    Style Underground has a no-slip thing, or at least they used to. The other thing to try is a no-slip headband from the drugstore. If you sit it right at your hairline you should be ok.

  3. Naama says:

    Hi Hadassah,

    It is nice to read your blog, thanks for sharing…
    I was quite ammused to read that you were in Israel and your experiences during yout trip (I see them every day).
    Regarding your question: If you tie your hair up higher, closer to the top of your head the scarves will slip much less. Additionally this gives the scarves a higher look.

    If this doesn’t help, you can always use my husband’s advice: super glue!!

    Good night,

  4. Shoshana says:

    If you put the ends of the scarf through a ring before you tie them, then the knot won’t loosen. Also, If the material is very slippery, a small cotton cloth or headband underneath it will help it from sliding.

  5. T says:

    believe it or not…the best thing I ever invested in was dollar store pantyhose!!!
    Be sure you get the control top ones.
    Simply cut off the control top part (it’s the little band that you need). It will act as a net for your hair that will really help keep any scarf in place for a long time.
    This is the only thing that I use under my headscarves. Works like a charm AND when my hair is long…no ponytail necessary. Just pull over the stocking and twist your locks a bit to keep from looking like a rooster, tuck in and your free from getting headaches!!!
    give it a try.


  6. Batya says:

    Make sure the hair underneath is well-clipped. My tichels only stay on well when placed low on the forehead. Yes, some fabrics (synthetic) don’t keep tied. You can also use some simple pins (sewing) to keep things in place.

  7. miriam p says:

    Or a flat headband snood – I actually tuck the front edge of the scarf under the front edge of the snood and then flip it back over – and this would probably work just as well with a tight fabric headband.

  8. Are these the kind I told you to get? They stay on my head better than any other tichels I’ve ever bought … so I got nothing.

  9. Baila says:

    In Israel I see the girls keep them in place with these really cute, oversized kippa clips. They come in lots of colors and the girls coordinate them with the mitpachat.

  10. mrsmelissasg says:

    Have you tried putting the clips behind your ears? Making sure you don’t have the weight of the scarf at the nape of your neck?
    (Too brain to think through the others, but check out my most recent head covering post and some of the ones in my favorites. I have shared lots of insights over the years!)

  11. rebecca d says:

    I am sorry this is late. There is a scarf site called aliza’s botique Boston mass. She has a demo on it. Its great thats how I do my tichols.


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