Growth Spurt

Before the boys started school I stocked them up on trousers and shirts, making sure everything adhered to the schools’ dress codes and that they would look like to other kids. Knowing that children tend to grow the minute you turn your back, I purposely bought with growth in mind.

Fast forward two months into the school year. My 12 year old precious prince looks like an urchin. He must have grown three inches last week. Suddenly his trousers are an inch too short, and his bony wrists are hanging out of his shirts.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than grateful that he is healthy and well and growing like a healthy child should. But could he have waited at least another couple of months so that my wallet might have had some time to recover?

As for his barmitzvah suit? I will wait till the week before to purchase it. I had better hope that it needs no alterations!!

(I feel obligated to point this out: I am frugal. I do use hand me downs. But my two oldest boys have a totally different body type from the two younger ones thus rendering their trouser hand me downs useless).

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  1. RubyV says:

    I feel your pain. Pixie outgrew a fair amount of her uniform items, and her shoes, in the beginning of the school year. We went through 2 pairs of sneakers in two months. Seriously. Blech. Plus her shul and casual clothes – we found ourselves emergency shopping the day before RH for dress shoes and dresses. All my cousins have younger children, so no hand me downs, but boy, did they and her school get lucky!

  2. Mark says:

    Trousers? trousers????

    Oh, you mean pants!

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