Google Voice Transcriptions #1

I hope to make this a regular feature. I have a google voice number that I can set to reach me at home, on my cell, somewhere else. If I miss the call it transcribes the message and emails it to me. Free. But, the classic thing is – I have NEVER had a clear transcription. They crack me up. Here are some recent ones. If you want me to feature yours on my blog – just email it to me –  inthepinkblog at gmail dot com.

I am. I am on my way to pick up and make sure he’s booking is that P. O. In this is Dennis and use it Ceasar’s also and his job issuing I’m coming to pick up.

My I’m going to that. I’m going on with the shop is and and and just gimme a call back. Bye.

I am out of time and I’ll try and clean hello.

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  1. Anon says:

    Sounds like you need friends that speak more clearly. ;)

  2. mlewyn says:

    I have office voice mail that goes to my email and works(or doesn’t work!) the same way. Though I have to admit, Google is funnier- I love the reference to Caesar! What would the Roman Emperors say about your friends (or is it family?) coming to pick up “job issuing” (whatever that is) for them?

  3. Justine says:

    My husband uses a similar technology and this was the last message he received from a friend of his. Clearly there is a glitch somewhere!
    “Hey my shit were told so nice of you to call us such a sweetheart. I am calling you back over to you Roger. Over and out.”

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