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We are so excited to be hosting the awesome Chaviva and Evan for Shabbat soon. This is our first time hosting a married couple since the KoD and I got married many many years ago (ok 17 months, but who’s counting?!) so we are all very excited.

Chaviva is allergic or sensitive to gluten, so she doesn’t eat anything that has gluten in it. I have never ever cooked anything gluten-free. Chaviva doesn’t want me to go out of my way to make anything different or special or whatever. But, hey, I am the yiddishe mama and I want my guests to be happy and well fed.

So I am sure there are those of you out there who eat a gluten free diet, or who prepare food for those who are gluten-intolerant. Please give me easy recipes to follow so that we can all eat like kings and queens and princes without having tummy upsets afterwards.

And btw, is there gluten in gefilte fish?

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  1. shualah elisheva says:

    there can be gluten in, if it’s prepared with matzoh meal.

    fresh vegetables are your friend, i think!

  2. Mark says:

    Here is a link with GF recipes that I tweeted to Chaviva a few days ago.

  3. Sho says:

    Here is a link to a sweet potato kugel that is a real crowd pleaser. I substituted the flour for potato starch on pesach and it went over really well, though I would use a bit more potato starch.

    Gefilte fish usually does contain gluten. Also, if you want to make some sort of pasta dish, brown rice pasta is available in many supermarkets (though a bit on the pricy side for pasta). A friend uses crushed almonds to coat chicken instead of breadcrumbs for her daughter who is on a gluten-free diet.

  4. SaraK says:

    Mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted white and sweet potatoes (toss with herbs and drizzle with olive oil)
    Fresh salads
    This is a great blog, all her recipes are GF

  5. le7 says:

    We used to host this wheat free couple all the time where I lived before I got married. Main changes we made were to prepare some sort of fish that wasn’t gefilte fish (salmon or whatever), and put brown rice instead of barley in the cholent. A lot of my sister-in-law’s sister-in-laws are gluten free. She always prepares asian noodles with brown rice spaghetti and chicken. (Brown rice noodles, half soy sauce and half toasted sesame oil with a bit of sugar, some red pepper flakes, scallions, sesame seeds and grilled chicken), plus lots of vegetables and salads.

  6. SaraK says:

    LE7′s comment about cholent reminded me that I put quinoa in the cholent on Pesach and it was a HUGE hit. Rinse the quinoa in a strainer, then add last to your cholent (obviously omitting barley and anything else your guests cannot have). Leave it in 1 pile at the side of the pot, don’t mix it in. It absorbs all the flavors and will taste really delicious the next day. You can also make cold quinoa salads. Feel free to e mail me if you want recipes.

  7. Don’t buy anything special, unless you plan to bake. Make everything from scratch and be careful of processed foods like soy sauce (may have wheat) or salad dressing. Ask the guests to bring their own challah, serve meat or chicken with rice, quinoa or potatoes on the side. Serve fruit compote or mousse for dessert, unless you like to bake with potato starch.
    Think Pesachdig, non-gebrokt but with kitniyot.

  8. Chaviva says:

    Buying gluten-free gefilte fish is super easy! They sell it at every grocery store that has any kind of “Jewish” section. Two brands sell it … one is A&B and the other is … Heimish I think? I bought some for this past Shabbos at Shop Rite :D

    Just make me vegetables. I’ll be UNBELIEVABLY happy. I could eat oodles of veggies and be happy :)

    • Mark says:

      Chaviva – Buying gluten-free gefilte fish is super easy!

      Do the fishmongers still grind fish on demand? We used to simply ask them to grind half carp and half whitefish (IIRC) for gefilte fish. Then we spiced it, added egg (I think), and formed into balls that were placed into boiling spiced (with a bay leaf, etc) water to cook. Then cool and serve. Best gefilte fish ever. And you are sure there is no gluten in it, just fish!

  9. fairion says:

    As Hannah commented the challah is going to be the biggest problem. There are good gluten free cake and cookie recipes and mixes out there but I have get to find a GOOD challah recipe that is gluten free

  10. This not only sounds wonderful but looks incrediable! Can NOT wait to try it.
    I’m bookmarking this recipe! Thanks!

  11. RubyV says:

    I make an awesome quinoa salad that feeds an army, and is great in the fridge for a few days.

    2 cups quinoa, rinsed,
    4 cups water
    peppers (I usually do one orange, one red, one green or yellow)
    one to one and a half onions, chopped fine
    2 bunches parsley, chopped
    currants, about a half cup, or more to taste

    half cup olive oil
    half cup lemon juice
    agave or other gluten free sweetener to taste

    dump quinoa in pot with water, cover, and boil for 5 min, turn off and leave covered for 15 min

    chop peppers and onions, and parsley

    when quinoa is done (ring separated from kernal) add veggies, mix

    make dressing, add sweetener to taste, salt and pepper. Add to salad, mix well.

    add currants and mix

    chill in fridge.

    I also make quinoa in place of kasha – you can make with with stock. Cook some carrots, celery, onion and garlic in oil or whatever, add quinoa and stock, cook, and serve as a side dish.

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