Get Your Boobies Squished!!

Get Your Boobies Squished!!

I recently turned 40, and at my annual gynecologist appointment she told me it was time to have my first mammogram.

I scheduled the appointment, read up on what to expect, remembered to forego my deodorant that day, and went to have the mammo.

It was a little weird having someone I didn’t know handle my breasts, and push them this way and that, but it was all necessary in order to get clear pictures.

A week later I received a letter and a phone call saying that I needed to do some follow up testing as my breasts had dense tissue and they saw something interesting. Whatever that means. So of course I went into panic mode, worried they would find cancer or something. After all, the whole point of the mammogram is to check for breast cancer.

I scheduled my appointment for further mammography and a breast ultrasound. This round of mammography was way more uncomfortable than the first time, and the ultrasound took forever. The tech spent way more time on one breast – and I started to get worried. Did they find something?

The doctor came in and told me that they found nothing of significance other than a few cysts, and I was free to go. He gave me a speech about how important self examinations are, and to do mammograms every year. He also said that as soon as any woman notices a change or a lump in her breasts, even if it’s the week after a regular mammo, she needs to go and get it checked out. He said that an annual mammogram is the best way to catch breast cancer early.

So ladies – educate yourselves on the right way to do a breast self-examination. I usually do it when I am prepping for mikvah – they say the middle of your cycle is the best time to do it. Schedule your mammogram – a half hour is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Baruch HaShem I had a good result. Ten days of worry was gone in a flash.

Please, get your boobies squished.

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  1. Batya says:

    Hadassa, you can always practice by trying to put them in the freezer; slam the door hard!
    Glad it was just a false alarm.

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