Gatorade – a funny

“Ima, is the reason that Gatorade isn’t kosher [in Canada] because they make it from alligator juice, and alligators aren’t kosher??”

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  1. tesyaa says:

    I heard of a kid who thought buffalo wings came from buffalos.

  2. Mike S. says:

    One of my children, when about 5 or 6, asked: “why do we call this meat ‘chicken’. It doesn’t come from chickens.” I think she decided that by comparing the size of a piece of chicken to the hatchlings she had seen at the museum, but I am not sure.

    • Chanief says:

      How cute, it’s funny that kids don’t make the connection automatically.

      My son told me one night, when he was about that age, that he saw a chicken bone in the street when he was walking with his father. He was wondering how a chicken bone got in the street so I explained that someone may have been eating it in their car and thrown it out their window, or perhaps someone’s garbage bag ripped and it ended up falling into the street. He looked at me as if I was silly and said that it wasn’t a bone from a food chicken, it was a farm chicken! I asked him where he thought food chickens came from and he said “the supermarket.” Haha, poor kid was in for a rude awakening that night… For a while afterward he would check with me about everything he ate “does pasta have bones? Is it from an animal?” etc. ;o)

  3. Chanief says:

    Mmmm alligators, I wonder what part they use. The blood, perhaps? ;o)

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