Garbage Fail

I tested the boys this morning. Before they got up I cleaned up the kitchen and emptied the garbage. I put the full garbage bag in front of the front door, so that when anyone had to leave the house they would see it and hopefully get the hint and take it to the garbage room on their way to the elevator. Four kids left the house this morning. Four kids ignored it. The first kid had to pick up the bag and move it in order to open the door to leave – how hard would it have been to carry it an extra 5 steps to the garbage room??!!

Is it just my boys, or are all children oblivious to anything that doesn’t directly concern them??

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  1. orieyenta says:

    HAHAHAHA! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who witnessed this. LO will walk on it – over it – move it but has to be specifically told to take it out if we ever expect it to see the outside of our home.

  2. Emet says:

    My first thought was its the man gene, forget it…

    however, as I am looking, right now, by our own door, the garbage bag is still there and ‘kiddo’ didnt take it out either.

    ‘Kiddo’ still wants to please me, so if I ask and shes in a good mood, she’d do it in a flash, but if I dont specifically ask her to do it, it ‘d never leave this apartment.

  3. Yael Sandler says:

    This is child gene. I have three girls and 1 boy-man and all will walk on, in or around the tied trash bag to leave the apartment. Only my father instantly sees the bag on his way to pick up the youngest for school and immediately without comment takes it out!

  4. My kids are still too little, but my husband definitely suffers from this particular oblivion.

    It is a battle I chose long ago not to pick. :)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      Leigh Ann – teach the kids NOW while they think it is fun helping Ima. that way you have more of a chance they won’t pick up on their Abba’s oblivion!!

  5. Mike S. says:

    It seems to me that the age at which one begins to accept responsibility for household chores without being specifically told depends somewhat on the situation, but is generally in the late teens to mid-twenties. Although some men never reach this stage.

  6. Emet says:

    you are right about KoD, DH-to-be is the same way. the only way I can think of it, is that they were living alone (with children) and learned that they had to take it out, no one else would, or they were ‘trained’ by someone else :) (IE, their mother, previous wife, or their own neatness)
    In any case, lets be grateful that atleast someone else in the house is willing to take it out when necessary :)

    • HSaboMilner says:

      oh I am very grateful. At dinner tonight I asked the kids how come they didn’t take it out – each one of them said they didn’t notice it. One of them had to move it out of the way – and he didn’t notice??!!

  7. Z! says:

    I refer to Hubby as the “Garbage man” He knows it is his task and he is very good about it.

  8. Chav says:

    Hubby and I both share the garbage taking out duty. I have even asked a child or two to do it when it wasn’t very heavy. Hubby takes it out without my asking but I wouldn’t expect a kid to. I make it clear that I need this to be done, and they do it. I guess as a kid you are not thinking about the garbage getting out. You are thinking about DS and M&Ms or something else that kids think about. The garbage may have been just something he had to move out of the way to get the door open. It probably wasn’t him ignoring the garbage knowing it had to go out. It was “Get this thing blocking the door outta the way so I could open it.”

  9. hi, i like what you post and thats very funny.. i have a suggestion to you.. reverse your idea, try putting a milk or pizza at your door, then lets wait if they are going to get it and bring it inside the house.. =) if they do so, next day, try again your garbage trick..

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