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Dear Sweet Naïve little boy,


You and other little men who have barely grown a chest hair take great enjoyment in emailing me, and emailing me often. My polite response that I am not interested seems to have no effect. I have started using a standard line – “I am not looking to be your Mrs Robinson”.


Sad things is most of you have no idea who I am talking about. So because I am such a generous soul, here follows an explanation of who Mrs R is, and why I use this line.


There was a movie in 1967 called the Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman. In it he portrays a young 21 year old called Ben who has just finished school. He is searching for himself, as many youths of his age tend to do, when he is seduced by the much older wife of his father’s business partner, Mrs Robinson. It was a purely sexual relationship. He ends up falling in love with her daughter. What a mess! It was a hugely popular movie – and the soundtrack was performed by Simon and Garfunkel. “and here’s to you Mrs Robinson……..”


I can’t imagine why else a 21 year old male would email me on a dating website. What do I represent to you? I am a mom of 4, way older, way more mature…..what is it that you young whippersnappers want from me? I want a MAN, someone I can be on an equal footing with, not someone that I have to teach from a-z about life. Maybe you guys are looking for a woman who is experienced….in certain areas. But that isn’t going to be me.


It’s lovely that you say such nice things to me, (apart from the one guy that was very blatant about what he wanted) but I cannot help but wonder what your motivation is. You guys cannot possibly want to marry me. Not when you can easily have a pretty young thing close to your own age who will grow old with you, not way before you. There are plenty lovely girls out there who are looking for the long haul, who want to start a family. And they are cute too. Probably cuter and less stretch marked than me.


So run along, little children, and play with girls your own age.


[tiptoeing off my soapbox now, I feel better having vented]

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  1. Ron says:

    What can I say. It was a great movie a timeless classic. Right up there with the Summer of ’42. Oh this wasn’t the movie review blog….

    OK boys I know this later she is deadly serious about her wants and desires. She is a great and fun person who has seen and done many more things than you could imagine and no I’m not talking sex. Sheesh that’s all you think about, then forget this one and read her blog on true love and my response. maybe if you understand than, you might appreciate her more.

  2. Leora says:

    I’m afraid, Hadassah, that after reading this their/his attraction to you is going to increase! I don’t think it’s based on logic. Good luck ignoring them (or him).

    But if you just needed to vent, consider it done.

  3. You do realize that statistically women live longer than men. This being the case, it makes sense for a younger man to want to marry an older woman, they will grow old together and probably die within a similar time period.

    The reason you see so many old women all alone is because men insist on marrying younger women. This is also the reason for the shidduch crisis.

    In your case though you are probably right. The age differential can’t be too big. And you do have kids and all. It’s not like they need your next husband to be like an older brother to them age wise.

  4. chocolate/vanilla says:

    Nobody younger than me is contacting ME! The obvious reason is that you are a person who appeals to everyone!

  5. Lion of Zion says:

    not even a tiny ego boost at first?

  6. hadassahsabo says:

    LoZ – yeah it is an ego boost, but thats not what i am there for…

  7. ilanadavita says:

    I hope you won’t find my question intrusive or rude. But why do you rely on Frulster (and/or the likes)? Have you tried your friends’ friends’ friends?

  8. hadassahsabo says:

    ilanadavita – i don’t rely on it, its a means to an end. i also go with friends recommendations and shadchans etc – putting all ones eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

  9. Jacob da Jew says:

    Great song…What can I say, older women have that certain appeal.

  10. Z! says:

    Am I suprised- no way! You look incredible, have a fresh young outlook, and are a prime target for young guys who want a woman who knows what they want. You GO GIRL!

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