Food and Mood

Do you eat more when you are sad or depressed or lonely? Or do you not eat? What food makes you feel better? What food makes you feel worse? Does eating actually improve your mood or your outlook?

Personally, when I am in a dejected and low mood, food is the last thing on my mind. I have no appetite. I eat really well when I am happy. Just curious how it is for other people.

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  1. I, too, am a non-eater. In fact, it can get critical given my jacked up anatomy and the fact that I don’t “feel” hunger or thirst anymore. Unfortunately I am a finger picker…which is probably way worse.

  2. Frayda says:

    I eat all the time, happy or sad.

  3. Otir says:

    I have a terrible relationship with food. When I was a teenager I had episodes of anorexia nervosa that eventually became bulimia, at a time it was not diagnosed nor even discussed in the general media, so noone ever knew… until it was too late.

    I got treated for food disorder with psychotherapy when I was 18, and I am managing pretty well, but food is really like a dangerous drug to me, unfortunately I cannot avoid it altogether.

  4. Chaviva says:

    Depends on my emotions. Right now, for example I want to eat a crap-ton of ice cream. I’m actually considering going to the Co-Op to buy a pint. Of Ben & Jerry’s.

    When I’m depressed, it goes either way. Sometimes I get angry at myself and don’t eat anything because mentally it says something about me being in control — of SOMETHING. Then there are nights like tonight when I’m depressed and dealing with anxiety that I just want to eat a bus.

    This has been my relationship with food. It sucks.

  5. blackhuff says:

    Before I saw the dietician, I used to eat according to my mood and that always happened to be eating and eating and eating. In some way it let me feel better about the foul mood I was in. After seeing the dietician, she gave me some great tips on how to control this when feeling blue.

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