Fluffy Pink Bathrobes – Time and Place

I love pink. I love a fluffy pink bathrobe – in fact, I even own one. The KoD gave it to me as an anniversary gift and every time I wear it it feels like I am wrapping one of his hugs around myself. (Deep contented sigh)

But I digress (must be lack of coffee). When and where do I wear said robe? In the early mornings whilst waking up the male progeny to get ready for school whilst imbibing my coffee and forcing my eyes open with toothpicks. In the evenings, when tucking the boybies in on my way to bed. Basically – at home where no one else outside the family can see me because generally, when wearing my robe, I am attired in my PJs underneath.

Now, I have heard and seen and lamented on this new fad of youngsters (and these days, not so youngsters) wearing their PJ pants outside the house instead of regular pants. It makes me shudder, but it’s done by many. However, nothing could have prepared me for seeing a woman (in her 60s maybe) in the middle of Costco in a pink fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Our Costco is not slap bang in the middle of town – you kinda have to drive to get there. And it wasn’t 7.30 in the morning – it was lunchtime.

I wondered what was up with that, what could possibly possess someone to go to Costco attired like that. Did she forget? Did she not look in the mirror before leaving the house? Did she have a senior moment? Would it have been rude to go up to her and ask her if she was ok and needed help – or would that have been judging her based on how she was dressed? But on the flip side – I would be so happy to spend my days in my fluffy robe – so comfy and warm. Maybe she just needed that comfort…

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  1. There was a whole thing about that in Toronto, a school banned wearing PJ’s to class or something like that, and it resulted in an uproar abt freedom of expression. I personally have no problem with it. The way people dress these days, PJ’s are just as good as anything else.

  2. Justine says:

    It could just be that she is so smart that she knows that nothing beats being comfortable while you shop … or while you do anything at all!!

  3. Batya says:

    In some chareidi circles “robes” are worn in public, shopping. I wouldn’t wear my robe in public unless I was hospitalized, G-d forbid. To me they are home clothes for covering up pj’s or the “altogether.”

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