First Solo Demo a Success!!

Last night I did my very first cooking demonstration. I prepared for the entire day, making three batches of challah dough by hand, and crafting various different delicacies just so that I could say “here’s one I made earlier”.

I showed the ladies at the party how to make pizza pockets, garlic knots, cinnamon buns, pb&j babka buns, and sundried tomato and basil dinner rolls. Due to popular demand, I also demonstrated how to braid and form 3 different challahs – the six stranded braid, and the 9 strand round challah, and the four-strand crown challah.

I had woken up hoarse in the morning, and spent the day silent in the hopes that my voice would manage to last for my 20 minute presentation. I was more nervous of not being heard (microphone and all) than I was of actually being there. I think this was a blessing in disguise.

Once I got going I really enjoyed myself. The audience was interested and actually laughed at my jokes and applauded after I showed them each item. It was more of a conversation that a one-way speech, which was perfect.

Looking forward to doing more demos. If you want to book me contact me at

Now, where on earth do I store all this challah and other yummies that I baked yesterday?

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  1. brassnet says:

    1. Where’s the video???
    2. My stomach is a good place to store food :)
    3. ישר כח!!!

  2. Not even a little bit surprised that you killed it. Knew you would! <3

  3. You should have auctioned them off last night. Then again, I’m sure your boys will be VERY happy to help get rid of all leftovers & besides Shabbos is coming!!! Enjoy & kol hakavod on your demo! May it be the start of many more!!

  4. rachelli says:

    looks soooo yummy! glad it went well!

  5. Sarah says:

    I had no worries you were going to be aces at this! And if you ever need a place to send leftover challah goodness, you can send them to me! Challah and breads are one of the few things I have little to no mazel with. I will be more than happy to appreciate your goodies!

  6. you can store it in my belly?

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