I was driving to the gym today and passed by the local school. I saw a police car pull in to the parking lot there, and briefly wondered what was going on.

Cop gets out, opens the back door, out came a 7th or 8th grader, bookbag on her back, she gave the cop (probably her dad) the stink eye and shuffled off to school.

While my boys would love to get a ride to school in a cop car, it seemed like that for this little girl the embarrassment would never be lived down.

I did see Mr Cop smile after her as she slouched off. Hey, you know, if you miss the bus, you could either walk or have a parent drive you. You don’t get to choose the vehicle!

Nice way to start my day with a smile!

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  1. sheldan says:

    I have to feel for that child. And I am not so sure that your boys would like it unless the sirens were at full blast…

  2. Hadassah L says:

    This morning I saw a kid being driven to nursery in an ambulance. How cool is that?

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