Drugs are Bad For You.

My son asked me to google some articles for him for a school project. I asked him to leave the list of what he needed on my desk.

This is what it said:

Need -

How heroin is taken.

The effects of heroin.

Where heroin comes from.

Now, had we not had a discussion a while before this that he needed this information for a school project I may have been concerned that he wanted all this information on a powerful drug. The class has been divided up into groups, and have decided to tackle the effects of dangerous drugs for their Science Fair.

Initially I was concerned. Kids need to know that drugs are bad for you. Yes indeed. They need to know that drugs cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. They need to know that drugs can kill. But do I need my son, my teenaged son, learning in detail about heroin, cocaine, meth etc?

Something about this project just doesn’t sit right with me, but after all his research and class discussion he has told me he is never taking drugs, EVER, so perhaps this whole project was worth it. He doesn’t understand why people would want to “poison” themselves for a temporary high. “Why can’t people just find the good in their lives??” Oh remember when we were so young and naïve?!

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  1. chana says:

    i hope that attitude stays with him for life! i’m sure you’re very proud of him

  2. RubyV says:

    Honestly, anyone who wants to take drugs will find a way. I don’t believe that a school project will make him more likely or more at risk to abuse drugs. However, what this can do is brutally show him how awful taking drugs can be.

  3. shorty says:

    Having worked in this field, just knowing drugs are bad isn’t enough. People DO in fact use them, and kids need to understand why AND what makes them bad, addictive etc.

    Its amazing that he sees the good in life itself – (a testament to his MAMA!) but it is also good for him to know why – if anything to learn compassion – because for some people, they just don’t see the good in life – economics, geography, culture, age all play a part.

    • shorty says:

      I wanted to clarify – that kids often want to know why people use drugs – simply because they KNOW people use them. The don’t do drug campaigns failed miserably, the drug use amongst teens did not decrease in fact often they increase because the root of the teens issues aren’t being handled by these campaigns.

  4. Keith Brooks says:

    Interesting idea, although not a good choice by the teacher. This may scare some of the students but others will want to see it in person, live so to speak. The problem is drugs are bad, but why? Is alcohol any better? Sugar? Salt? Tobacco? The Internet?
    There is a line at some point where each person makes up the line they will do. Some can go back to normal, others get addicted. This last part is much more important, what makes an addiction and how to recognize it in others and yourself.

  5. lady lock and load says:

    I have mixed feelings about it. I think that a science fair can be a spring board to learn and be creative about so many different things. What can they do to be creative and learn about with drug usage…how to use needles? Will they show a display of pictures of the drugs and the needles used? makes my skin crawl and I would not want my child learning about it.
    On the other hand maybe it is a very good thing for the boys to learn about the dangers of using drugs. My friend who sends her son to a certain NJ yeshiva told me her son is the only one who does NOT smoke. Perhaps early education about the dangers will help prevent this.
    My husband and I are very against smoking and of course drug usage and it has come up in conversation but I don’t feel the need for their schools to educate them in this area.

    • Fille says:

      Well I think the most important aspect of drugs is their chemical composition and how they act in the body.

      Then you could add some history about how they were first produced (heroin was developed as a medicin against coughing) and a bit of geography about producers and smuggle routes.

      I think all this is quite usefull knowledge and does not lead to consuming those drugs, as you seem to fear.

      However, I agree that knowledge is not enough either to stop youths from taking them. Because when they take them, they think of themselves as “conspirative” and do what “others say is bad”, so the rules that were set at home or in school do not apply.

      Furthermore, drugs are in many cases a kind of self-medication for youths who went through emotional problems or even trauma. I think not too many youths who have no reason to take drugs would do so.

      Today, heroin is considered a looser drug and I think there are not too many fresh addicts. I think exctasy and those kinds of things are more of risk nowadays…

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