Dress shopping – total fail

I have a wedding to attend on Thursday. A very close friend of mine is getting herself hitched and we are all very excited to kick up our heels and celebrate with her and her new hubby. It is going to be awesome.

I wanted to have something new to wear, because, well, I wanted something new. I am perfectly aware I don’t need anything. I have a few fallback options in the closet, but I wanted to at least go and see what is available. After all, it is holiday season, and there are lots of party dresses on sale.

But what I failed to be notified about was that all of these party-going-women supposedly have the most toned arms ever, the most lovely shoulders, the most perfect cleavage and the longest legs, not forgetting the most perfect figure. Oh, and they also don’t mind being freezing cold in the middle of December! Seriously, every dress was either strapless, or with one shoulder strap, very short, very tight and very low cut. Leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. One sneeze and the dress could fall off!! Are there no women out there that want to wear sleeves? Or wear a longer dress or skirt? That don’t want to show their exact chest acreage?

Finally I found something almost modest – only it was for larger women. (Being skinny does bite sometimes.) Found something else that I could tzniusify (make modest) – three hundred buckaroos. No thank you. I left the malls empty handed. 5 malls. One woman. Not one dress or outfit that would have been perfect. And because I didn’t get the outfit, no shoes were bought.

I shall have to wear something I have worn before. Now I have to make that decision. Black or navy? Can I dance in comfort in it? Which shoes? Which purse?

Yeah I know, this should be my biggest problem….Amen!

So darling KoD, what shall we do with the money I saved today by not buying myself something pretty and new??

Edited to add – these are the two outfits to choose from :

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  1. tesyaa says:

    Hadassah – don’t you know that when you are looking, you will NEVER find an outfit? It’s only when you have nothing on your calendar for the next 6 months that you will find something you love that is completely affordable. And that’s when you’ll try to be good and say, “I’d love to buy this absolute metzia, but I have nothing on my calendar so I won’t do it.” We women can’t win!

    I am sure you will look lovely wearing something that is already in your closet. You’d look great in anything!

    • hadassahsabo says:

      last time I bought something when I didn’t need it, but it was a metzia (a bargain) it sat in my closet for 2 years. I finally wore it at my son’s barmitzvah, after spending $$ to get it taken in as I had lost a lot of weight. It doesn’t make sense to buy something just in case…

  2. Mark says:

    Oy, you should have shopped on Sunday in Monsey at the frummie stores! :-)

    • hadassahsabo says:

      you have known me HOW long? and yet you still make this comment? sigh….

      • Mark says:

        … and you’ve known me for how long??? Did you notice the smiley face?

        But seriously, I would think that shopping the USA would be a little more fruitful than shopping in Montreal, and probably better prices as well. Maybe I am wrong?

        • Lady Lock and Load says:

          I know people used to say that Montreal is cheaper, but maybe just for kids clothing?

        • hadassahsabo says:

          I would have had to shlepp the KoD with me as I still don’t know many places to shop in Monsey AND it was Sunday! who goes shopping on a Sunday? Even if the KoD would have been willing, I couldn’t have put him thru that.

          • Lady Lock and Load says:

            I would have gone with you. Here in Monsey, Sunday is a big shopping day. All the N.J. people come here to shop too since stores are closed there.

          • tesyaa says:

            Just to clarify, the stores in NJ are not closed. The stores in Bergen County, one county in NJ, are closed on Sundays. Willowbrook Mall, for instance, is in New Jersey and is open on Sundays. The whole world is not Monsey-centric and might misinterpret your statement.

          • Lady Lock and Load says:

            Sorry, I meant that and was too lazy to go into it…but we in monsey call Sunday “Teaneck Day”. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Oiy Hadassah, there is a dress at Ruthies that would look great on you. I was salivating over it but didn’t buy because I am in availus and won’t go to weddings till next September :(
    WHY didn’t you tell me you were looking for a chasunah outfit, boo hoo! Next time you are in Monsey I want you to take a look at it. It is for skinny women so you fit the bill ;)
    I save my hubby tons of money cause I hate shopping for clothes, so I think he man owes me a new kitchen floor cause my ceramic floor has so many cracks….”don’t step on the cracks or else you’ll break my mother’s back”

  4. Lady Lock and Load says:

    The dress was VERY reasonably priced as well.

  5. Z! says:

    the new thing here is to just put a white or black long sleeved shell underneath a strapless gown and pretend it looks great!
    I understand this is very pop in Israel.
    To me, if it isn’t snius, will never be snius, and it can’t be corrected simply- don’t bother!!

    If this were a NY wedding I’d tell you to go with the black outfit!

  6. Lady Lock and Load says:

    What’s wrong with the black outfit, it’s so beautiful.

    • hadassahsabo says:

      nothing is wrong, just everyone else at the wedding will no doubt be wearing black. I hate blending in, LLL, you know that!!

  7. Lady Lock and Load says:

    Trust me, you will look so lovely that you will NOT blend in. Right KoD?

  8. Z! says:

    Bling it up with a different coloured shell?

  9. Chanief says:

    I know you don’t want to blend but I say go with the black. I really like the way it looks on you. Plus you know, it might make people wonder where you parked your broom (oh no, wait, that’s only at the parties I go to ;) )

  10. tesyaa says:

    I just found out a few minutes ago that I am going to a dinner I thought I wasn’t going to. Now, a dinner is not a wedding and I’m not buying new clothes … but I really, really want a Spanx slip. Like, so much.

  11. Z! says:

    Gold might be nice… is it shimery?

  12. Z! says:

    try it on and let us vote!

  13. Kathrin says:

    Oh how well do I know this shopping experience of yours. It seems everything is above knee, shows cleavage or without sleeves. Why? (I keep asking the question, but from what I see at university, the modern woman indeed doesn’t know “cold”…) Maybe next time you’re in a mall, you find something for a future wedding? As someone mentioned before I came here – you never find what you’re looking for when you’re looking.

    Then, you have two beautiful dresses to choose from, so I’m sure you’ll look great in eather of them :-)

  14. Rainy says:

    I think you look lovely in both dresses. The blue one says “wedding” to me more, but, you look really nice in each! Maybe you could find a new purse and hat to go with the dress you pick, so it feels new.

  15. Suzsqueak says:

    I happen to think the blue is stunning and is different than the 8000 variations on black you tend to see at weddings. It’s festive and modern.

  16. Rabbi's wife says:

    I love what the blue one does for your skin! the black is nice, but blue will win the day, I think.

  17. Doobie says:

    I also prefer the blue one.

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