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Again, I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding, and sweat running down my face. In my dream I had realized that I had gone to bed on Friday night without lighting the Shabbat candles, and only remembered in the middle of my sleep. Obviously I had forgotten to cook KoD a Shabbat meal too. How on earth could I have forgotten to do this? In my dreams I lay there panicking, not sure if I should wake up the KoD and confess to him we forgot about Shabbat, or …..or what? What was my option here? I woke up with a start to find it was 2 am on Friday morning and I hadn’t forgotten anything. It was a relief.

I hate that feeling of waking up all panicked. All short of breath and scared. Yikes!!

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  1. another anxiety dream, forgetting to do something important…

  2. I have the recurring “I am in HS and have forgotten my locker number, combination and haven’t gone to physics class all year and now it’s time for the final” dream. The last time I had it though my senior year BFF appeared and he knew the locker number, the combination AND how to get to my classroom!!!

  3. Yossi Ginzberg says:

    At least it’s a welcome change from the walking around naked dream….

  4. mirimosh says:

    At least you were not alone when you woke up it always helps if you have someone to cuddle up to after a dream like that

  5. RivkA says:

    I only started having dreams like that recently.

    I wake up panicked about something and then realize it was just a dream….

  6. Shira says:

    I actually feel relieved when I wake up from that type of dream. You realize it ‘s 2 am and you actually have the whole day ahead of you! It’s like the best gift of all, a second chance.

  7. le7 says:

    Elianah – I have that dream ALLL the time and I haven’t been in high school for awhile!

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