Do YOU know the difference?

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Here’s the situation. I am running around doing errands, and I pull up to the gas station – one with full service because I am a girlie girl and only pump my own gas when I have to. I asked the gas jockey to put the gas in and he tells me that my headscarf arrangement (pictured on left) looks really pretty. I say thank you, he smiled, gave that wink and the tongue click thing and pumped the gas.


Now, I tweeted that he was flirting with me, but maybe he was just being friendly. I think that personally I have a hard time making the distinction between just being friendly and flirting. I am friendly to almost everyone, and treat men and women the same in conversations. Yes, I flirt with my husband – but that’s different. But would some men take my friendliness and interest in their conversation as flirting?


How do you know where the line is drawn? What constitutes friendliness and what constitutes flirting; furthermore what constitutes “you better shut your mouth before my Luigi comes to break your kneecaps?”

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  1. ladylockandload says:

    I used to wear my Israeli headscarf the same way, so funny!
    I get whistled and flirted with all the time, not that I am as cute and young like you hadassah. I generally am grossed out by these corse individuals and I pay them no attention.

  2. He may have been flirting, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously if it wasn’t consistent. A nice, flirty comment is not the same thing as continuing to talk with you, perhaps continuing to wink or compliment you.

    I don’t know if one can always tell the difference, but I would certainly say that consistency is a factor in real flirting…

  3. Frume Sarah says:

    First of all, I am constantly amazed by your profile pix because you look more lovely in each one. I happen to think it is due, in no small measure, to the joy you’ve found with your beshert.

    Anyway, I think that for many people, they consider friendly and flirty to be one-and-the-same. Trust your kishkes. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then a boudary has been crossed. And if not, take it as face value.

  4. hadassahsabo says:

    Frume Sarah – you are so sweet, thanks!

    i try to just go with the flow, but sometimes i think someone is just being friendly and they really are trying to pick me up. I need to hone my radar!!

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