Delayed Reaction

I understand that they had to call me. I do. But now I am panicking and having the shakes even though I know he is ok. One of the school buses was involved in a minor accident this morning, all the kids were checked out by the nurse and they are all fine. The car that hit the bus – those people are fine too… Thank God! The nurse said most of the kids were not even aware of what happened.

Probably legally they had to call me? Nurse said it was a courtesy call and not to worry. Of course now I cannot wait for my child to come home and let me look at him and make sure he really is ok. Why did they call me? I am shaking….

My heart just needs to slow down a bit….

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  1. Samantha says:

    I’m sure it’s a legality thing to inform all the parents. Take a deep breath!

  2. Erica says:

    What Samantha said. Imagine how you might have felt if your son came home and told you himself that there was a collision between his bus and a car…you mkight have envisioned a more disastorous (G-d forbid) scenario.
    By proactively calling parents l manages the timing and content of the info communicated about the accident.

    Former Teacher!

  3. im sure it was quite frightening to receive such news, but i think that the school was being responsible by telling you. as a parent you have a right to know this .

  4. T says:

    so glad evryone involved is ok.

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