Dearest Child

I love that you constantly think of ways to challenge me. It keeps me on my toes. I really do appreciate it. I sent you to your room to clean up the pile of clothes next to your bed. Thank you for telling me you neatened up.

I went in. That pile had totally disappeared. Wow! I was totally impressed. But then….hmmm…… I moved the strategically placed pillow that was under your desk, and guess what I found? Yes, indeedy, the aforementioned pile.

I have to say, you get ten out of ten for effort. That really took some thought. It’s a shame you couldn’t take that thought energy and apply it to putting away the pile the first time I asked. But yes, seeing as you asked, you do get points for creativity. But those points do not get you out of pile removal.

So hop to it. Now.


Your mother who knows the way you think…..

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  1. This sounds way too familiar. Have you been hanging out at my house?

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