Dear Teenage Road Hazard

Not only were you riding your bike on College Rd with your tzitzit hanging down so much that they could have gotten caught in your bike wheels, you were texting as you cycled, with your earphones in too. (Let’s not even mention the lack of a safety helmet atop your head).

Now, if you want to just tootle around your street on your bike like that – go right ahead, you won’t be in too much danger. But on a busy street like College Road, not only are you taking your own life in your hands, but the lives of others too. The two cars ahead of me had to swerve to avoid hitting you as you rode in a haphazard manner. I swerved too, and you didn’t even notice me passing you as you were too busy texting and looking like you were not in control of your bike.

I hope, dear boy, that you made it home safe and sound and didn’t cause anybody to get hurt. You are someone’s child. Your parents would be devastated to have something happen to you, God Forbid. Please be careful – life is something to be treasured, not treated in a cavalier manner.


A concerned Yiddishe Mama.

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  1. Chanief says:

    Get used to it hon!

  2. lady lock and load says:

    Today when I was driving home from the gym two high school girls were walking home from school, side by side, making cars swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting them. I PULLED OVER and told them that I thought they were in danger and putting other’s in danger. They apologized and said they would walk on the grass (NOT ENOUGH SIDEWALKS IN ROCKLAND!!)

    • Chanief says:

      But even where there are sidewalks I constantly see people walking on the side of the street where there is none. If you ask me, there’s not enough COMMON SENSE in Rockland!!!

  3. mokumalef says:

    Boy must have been visiting from Montreal ….

  4. G6 says:

    I think next time it might be a good idea to PHOTOGRAPH this boy and circulate it to all the shuls and yeshivos to identify this boy so that his parents can be contacted.
    It’s truly a matter of sakonos nefoshos!

  5. Mike S. says:

    While he should have be wearing his helmet, he was misusing his most important piece of safety gear, which is that which is supposed to be protected by his helmet. Especially the texting–a cyclist not only has to watch out for traffic, but also for irregularities in the pavement that are too small to bother cars but can flip a cycle.

    I am not sure what the lack of sidewalks has to do with the issue–they are for pedestrians, not cyclists. Although Rockland does suffer from the general view among the civic leaders that it is still a rural area rather than suburban NYC.

  6. sheldan says:

    TEXTING while biking?!

    Wearing HEADPHONES?!

    I second G6. This needs to be publicized. The boy needs to learn that he’s no match for a car (even under normal circumstances). Unbelieveable!

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